In addition the Wendland is known for the tiny village of Gorleben (part of the Samtgemeinde Gartow), where a disposal place for radioactive waste was established. The salt dome Gorleben, a deep geological repository is proposed. Gorleben has been a site of clashes
* Wendland is both the historical and the contemporary term for the region Lüchow-Dannenberg in the German Land of Lower Saxony.
Wendland is a part of Lower-Saxony, Germany. I missed a group about this nice county, the landscape and the culture. So here is. You are welcome to send your photos taken in Wendland and photos which
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The Wendland case was one of the top news stories of 2001 San Francisco Faith: December 2001 "Death Dilemma Why Did Catholic Hospitals Support the Death of Robert Wendland?" San Francisco Faith: November 2001
Florence Wendland's legal victory is a legacy of life and, hopefully, will save other potential victims The California Supreme Court issued its decision on August 9, 2001. Shortly thereafter, Rose Wendland, Robert's court-appointed attorney,
"Wendland Family Remains Divided" Includes video clip Lodi News-Sentinel: July 17, 2001 "Robert Wendland's condition worsens" Stockton Record: July 17, 2001 "Court petition seeks information on Wendland's health"
Wendland lives or dies" Listen to National Public Radio's June 4, 2001 Report Santa Rosa Press-Democrat: June 4, 2001 Letter to the Editor: "Reasons to Live"
What the Wendland Children Said What Disability Rights Advocates Said What the Medical Experts Said - What actually happens to a patient whose feeding tube is removed?
Among the five books Wendland has written about the Internet are The Complete No Geek-Speak Guide to the Internet and The Wired Journalist. He has also published numerous articles about the Internet for major publications, including The New York Times. Wendland has won 20 Emmy
Wendland is one of the country's leading experts in using the Internet for research and information-gathering, and teaches seminars all over the world to corporations and civic, religious and professional organizations. A Fellow at The Poynter Institute, a prestigious school
Greg Wendland | Published 9/24/2007 | Read more »GrandCentral - Is Your Phone Number on Board?You ever get tired of talking to someone, but you have had your number for so long that changing it is not an option? Alternatively, maybe you have an ex-partner who just cannot
As far as Rose Wendland is concerned, her husband died Sept. 29, 1993. But because of the legal battle, "there's no peace for him yet," she said. He doesn't smile, she said, and there is no sign that he can think or respond
But Rose Wendland and her three children said that they were not trying to impose their decision on anyone else. "I can't speak for other people who have disabilities," said Katie Wendland, 22, the oldest of the patient's children. Her father, she said, "is not there,
But Wendland's mother received an anonymous call from a hospital staff member, telling her of the plan. Florence Wendland went to court and obtained a restraining order preventing her son's wife from taking any action. JUDGE UN-PERSUADED
For Rose Wendland, the decision came almost two years after her husband's accident. He had been in a coma for 16 months following the rollover crash of his pickup after he had made a U-turn on an on-ramp. His blood alcohol level was twice the legal limit
His brother testified that Robert Wendland had made similar comments to him. But a trial judge ruled in favor of Wendland's mother, saying that his wife had failed to prove by "clear and convincing evidence" - a high
Robert Wendland is kept alive by a feeding tube. His wife says that he should be allowed to die. His mother wants to ensure that he lives. Grace Bradberry reports The California Supreme Court has heard some unusual cases in its time,
Rose Wendland has testified that her husband told her shortly before the accident that he would not want to be kept alive if he was on life support. But a trial judge ruled against her, saying that she failed
Rose Wendland's attorney, Lawrence Nelson, told reporters that it was impossible for people to predict the exact medical conditions they might face some day. "If they require clear and convincing evidence of the patient's wishes, it would condemn millions of Americans to be
said that Florence Wendland, 78, felt that a trip to San Francisco was too much for her and preferred to spend the day with her son in his Lodi hospital room. Several representatives of disability groups attended the hearing,
Seven years ago, Robert Wendland had had a few drinks over dinner when he decided to take his pick-up truck for a spin so he could listen to his new Paul McCartney tape. As he drove along the side roads of
the Wendland Case," says local activist Jessie Lorenz, "This new change in the law means that any guardian can deny life-saving treatment - including food and water - based on their own beliefs about the value of a cognitively disabled person's life." Lorenz also
Wendland has been unable to walk or communicate since he was severely injured in a 1993 car accident. His wife and three children want to remove the feeding tube that keeps him alive. His mother and sister want to continue the treatment.
What distinguishes this case is that Wendland, 49, is not in a coma or a persistent vegetative state. Instead, he lingers in a kind of twilight, conscious but incompetent to make his own decisions. Legal experts say a ruling in this gray area of the law could affect stroke
world of Robert Wendland remains a mystery. On a good day, he can hold a cup, use a paintbrush and push a ball down a ramp. His right eye stares vacantly, but his left appears to track. Doctors say that he
confronted Wendland at Walt Disney World, where they said he admitted having the illegal pictures. Then investigators went back to his apartment, where Wendland allegedly showed them dozens of disturbing pornographic images. A search turned up a half-dozen printed computer pictures of children
Wendland has no prior criminal history in Florida and passed a Disney background check. He had worked for Disney since July 2006
Wendland's computer while it was in the apartment they share with him. They contacted the sheriff's office. "Boys, girls, men, women, he has it all," said Sgt. Rich Mankewich, Orange County Sheriff's Office.
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Wendland, who had been severely brain-damaged in an automobile accident and was being kept alive in a minimally-conscious state by tube-administered nutrition and hydration. Robert had previously told his wife, children and brother that he would never want to live "like
STOCKTON, CALIFORNIA-Robert Wendland, the man who had been at the center of a family's legal battle over his so-called "right to die", passed away in his hospital room Tuesday afternoon. According to a media release from the Life Legal Defense Foundation,
Wendland was in a coma for 17 months after a roll-over accident in his pickup truck eight years ago. Since he came out of the coma, he has done a number of things including using a communication board, writing
Editor's Update: Robert Wendland Spared Judge rules that there is not clear and convincing evidence that starving and dehydrating Wendland would be in his best interest. (IAETF Update, Nov.-Dec. 1997) - MARTIN CASE
If Robert Wendland, 49, had been a convicted killer on death row, there would have been legions of righteous do-gooders demanding that he not be executed because he was mentally retarded...(San Francisco Chronicle, 7/24/01) Robert Wendland Dies (July 17, 2001)
During the last several weeks of her son's life, Florence Wendland was not permitted to take him out of his room. She was denied all knowledge about the state of his health. She does not know if he was properly turned or how or whether he was
society that disabled people like Robert Wendland have lives of equal moral worth, our society will continue to discount their humanity and brush off their deaths. In the meantime, as we mourn the loss of Robert, we can only send our
Wendland's attorney, which he issued after her son had died. The fight to save Robert Wendland from dehydration was not in vain. A dangerous legal precedent was avoided. The lives of other disabled people, whose names we will never know, may well have been saved.
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Florence Wendland was by her son's side July 17 when he took his last breath. Mrs. Wendland refused to allow his sister Rebekah to visit him in his last days, the Times reported. Mrs
Florence Wendland was in "complete joy" over the Supreme Court's decision, Siess told the Chronicle. "If someone is in Robert's condition, their feeding tube cannot be pulled without the strictest scrutiny of that decision," Siess added.
Siess was in tears after learning Wendland had died, according to the Times. At the time of his death, she was working on a petition to the California Supreme Court to demand information about his medical condition and to have another doctor examine him. "I was filing papers
Wendland was not in a coma or terminally ill and had not left instructions that he would want to die if incapacitated, the Times reported. Justice Kathryn Mickle Werdegar, in the court's unanimous August 9
Wendland, 49, was injured in a car accident on September 29, 1993. He woke from a coma in January 1995, and had shown some limited improvement since then, although he remained profoundly disabled, unable to speak or walk on his own.
DIANE SAWYER to Rose Wendland: When did you decide there was no hope? ROSE WENDLAND: Actually, after a year of being in this coma, or vegetative state. DIANE SAWYER: After a year. And in his current condition, what
FLORENCE WENDLAND: If you had a child in that condition, would you let somebody put him to death? SNYDERMAN VOICEOVER: Florence's court case hinges on the argument that to remove his feeding tube would violate Robert's
Rose Wendland was reportedly "furious" when Florence Wendland showed the painting on "Good Morning America," says Janie Hickok Seiss, attorney for Florence Wendland. The painting, and other
ROSE WENDLAND: Yes, but what is my children supposed to do? You know, we live with this daily, we live with this monthly, every second of the day. I can divorce him, but what about the children? I am the parent
The story of Robert Wendland is becoming a media circus. "A landmark case is heading for the California Supreme Court. Seven years ago, Robert Wendland rolled his pickup truck and was left paralyzed and in a coma
Wendland took Los Angeles Times reporters into the hospital at Lodi to see Robert, says Siess, the picture LA Times photographers got was of "Robert in bed." That's the kind of picture Rose Wendland wants, insists Siess
Wendland's mother opposes this and has asked the court for the right to care for him. Florence Wendland says her son still experiences moods and responds to simple commands. Rose, Robert's
Wendland region is in fact quite unwilling to become a storage site for such material; they show their opposition by posting large yellow wooden X’s on the side of their houses or barns. Trebeler Baurnstuben
When I recently found your article about the Wendland I was glad to read that you as well as Vince Ryan really enjoyed staying there, for I spent my childhood in little old Luechow, my hometown, which I miss
By the end of the trip Wendland had some amazing food and herbs, which he used to prepare a huge function for the King of Jordan and his son. “It was during the Gulf War,” Wendland said. “There were a lot of ambassadors there
Wendland now teaches four classes at the college and says he loves it. “I’m giving back what I’ve learned to the younger generation of chefs,” he said. ——— Paige Lauren Deiner covers features and entertainment for The Monitor.
Wendland was confused as to why the queen requested cheeseburgers, and why it was such a treat for them, until he had the opportunity to try a Tongan cheeseburger. “It was really funky tasting,” he said. “It was made from horsemeat
Wendland was persistent. At 14 he knew he wanted to be a chef. An opportunity to spend his senior year of high school with his gourmet food loving aunt Pat Welgs allowed him to finally have access to the stove.
When Wendland joined the Navy at 18, he knew he wanted to keep cooking. So when he enlisted, he asked to work in the kitchen. He spent the next 21 years preparing food for fellow seamen, running the
For many years, Wendland Manufacturing has provided its customers quality tanks and pressure vessels. Incorporated in 1995 as Wendland Mfg. Co., we became a wholly owned subsidiary of Burnham Holdings of Lancaster, Pennsylvania in 1998. The company name was then changed to
WENDLAND & ASSOCIATES is a Texas real estate company owned by Kenneth and Nancy Wendland. These principals have been involved in the acquisition, marketing, appraisal, management and finance of real property, minerals and water projects for 40 years. Their real estate