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Vikesland had a teleconference with H.E. Bo Register, HM's Governor-General in and for the Dominion of British West Florida. Many topics from the weather to crime to Government laws were spoken about while the conference was held. Shared experiences were
* Vikeslandic Navy Supports Molossia in Caribbean * Dominion - Barony of Caux Hold Talks * Bush Fires Rip Through Victoria, Australia
known, but Vikesland�s research is important because �it ties the use of a household product increased exposure to a disinfection byproduct,� says David Sedlak, a professor in the civil and environmental engineering department at the University of California, Berkeley
Since writing the paper, Vikesland�s team has conducted follow-up research under conditions that more closely mimic those found during home dishwashing. The new experiments used EPA�s maximum allowable residual disinfectant concentration of 4 milligrams per liter in tap
Prince Christopher: The main land base for Vikesland is in Manitoba, Canada near the Riding Mountian national park on the eastern side. Looking on a map, it is approximately 3 miles west
Prince Christopher: The official language of Vikesland is English but we are possibly going to adopt an official second language in the future. WN (Joseph Ford) What is the governmental structure of Vikesland?
Prince Christopher: The Principality of Vikesland was created as a new nation project. Our goal is to eventually become an internationally recognized state with hopefully some sort of
Prince Christopher: Vikesland came into being officially in July of 2005. I first came across the concept of Micronationalism in late 2004 and thought it would be a great concept for a
Prince Christopher: Vikeslandic culture is an ever evolving thing. We speak English and our lifestyles are a quintessential westerners life, but as more and more people become citizens
WN (Joseph Ford) Can one become a citizen of Vikesland? Is honorary citizenship granted? Prince Christopher: Yes, you can become a citizen of Vikesland by applying on our citizenship page. We have two types of
summit and visit of the Vikeslandic Royal family was a great success, and great deal of fun as well. WN (Joseph Ford) Tell us about how the summit with the Royal Family will have an impact on the intermicronational community.
only three years old, the Principality of Vikesland is a relative newcomer to the world of micronations. However, despite its age, Vikesland seeks to become a major power in the intermicronational community. The summit was successful in solidifying the two countries' already strong friendship.
The Principality of Vikesland is a micronation located in Manitoba, Canada. It was founded in 2005 by Christopher Barry Joseph Beyette (Prince Christopher I), a television news cameraman employed by the CHUM network.
The Vikesland website states that the micronation is "not secessionist" and has no intention of claiming the territory of Canada or any other sovereign state. However, the site also identifies Beyette's place of residence in the town of Brandon, as well as a nearby 6
Vikesland has launched several model rockets in its space program. It engaged in a joint rocket project with the Republic of Molossia, launching the Eagle and the Mustang, respectively. However, Vikesland's greatest breakthrough was having its flag aboard the Away
At that time, Vikesland warned that the findings were preliminary and the added triclosan in household products may not act as in the same way as its pure counterpart does to cause formation of toxic chloroform. But his new study of real products with real triclosan
of chlorine, the triclosan degrades rapidly,” Vikesland is quoted as saying by the EST news. The researchers say it remains unknown how the chloroform formed by triclosan would impact each individual who uses triclosan containing products. More research is needed to assess the potential risk
current name for Vikeslands capitol and main land base, has been changed to Vikesland Captol by Royal proclamation by Grand Prince Christopher I. April 1st - 2009 - Vikeslandic Winterfest has come and gone with celebrations that coincide with the Winter fair in Brandon, Canada.
ImportantThe Principality of Vikesland is not a fake or model or roleplaying nation. WE do not issue Passports at this time. If you have been sold a passport supposedly from our Principality it is a fake and is not valid. Please contact your local law authority
Principality of Vikesland is not responsible for the content of any websites that are linked to this one.Any damages experienced from the use of content within this website are solely the responsibility of the visiting individual
The Principality of Vikesland has joined with KIVA.org to help in giving foreign aid loans to 3rd world entrepreneurs. We encourage all citizens and non-citizens to please help those who could use a $25 loan to start or expand a business.Join our newly established lending
Vikesland is a proud member of lsntitle.jpg royalarmscopy.jpg Royal Crest The Principality of Vikesland and all it's governmental workings is run and considered a non-profit entity
The Vikeslandic Star project is now entering the construction phase. Engineering and design has been completed and with the test launches completed will be operational in a few months.The design flaw in the parachute rigging has been corrected with stronger materials. camerapayloaderprototypecopy
the Principality of Vikesland and join our cyber parliament. We also invite you to run for office as there are many vacancies. Nobility comes in 2 forms, Honorary and Government Nobility. The Honorary does not interfere with government matters but soon there will be a law
The Principality of Vikesland is looking for individuals to take positions within the Gov't. We have ministerial and Department positions ready for an ambitious micro-nationalist to assume. In order to be eligible for any of these positions you must become a full
The Principality of Vikesland is one of them. Headed by their sovereign Prince Christopher I. As most nations, citizens are wanted. The Principality has a Royal Council which works like a Parliament, The Honoraray Nobility which are appointed by request to the Prince
Standard is copyright Vikesland and is used legally. - Heft a cold one in this 22 oz. ceramic stein with gold trim. A great 'usable' alternative to the trophy. Make any day Oktoberfest whether
“Basically,” Vikesland said, “what we’ve found is that the chlorine present in many tap waters can react with the compound triclosan, present in microbial soaps. Under some conditions, the reactions can cause the production of chloroform and other chlorinated organic materials.”
Vikesland research is supported by the National Science Foundation. The project was also supported by the Institute for Critical Technology and Applied Science at Virginia Tech. -
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Vikesland has not investigated the full effect this finding will have on the environmental impact of buckyballs, but this is something he plans to follow up. One experiment will involve passing the acidified
Vikesland has shown that the presence of citric acid and its salts may make the situation even worse, creating smaller, more spherical clusters that are even more stable in water. Vikesland presented the work at the American Chemical Society's annual meeting last week
Vikesland research is supported by the National Science Foundation. The project was also supported by the Institute for Critical Technology and Applied Science at Virginia Tech. Source: Susan Trulove Virginia Tech Please rate this article:
kids, eagerly took anything that the Vikeslandic aid mission had to give. The people were very friendly and grateful that our nations cared. The trip took about 6 hours to complete and went without incident.
Vikesland is an NSF CAREER Awardee for 2004-2009. He was an Invited Participant at the National Academy of Engineering Frontiers of Engineering Symposium in 2003. Vikesland was also named an American Society of Civil Engineering Excellence in Civil Engineering Education
Vikesland's work was reported in last week's on-line edition of Environmental Science & Technology's science news section (http://pubs.acs.org/subscribe/journals/esthag-w/2005/apr/science/kb_chlorine.html). Triclosan is a synthetic antimicrobial agent, which is classified as a Class III drug by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). As the
The Vikesland group is exploring whether the C60-citrate interaction can be used to create reproducible shaped objects. Many fullerene-based products presently require solvents, which are then washed off. Unfortunately, the engineered fullerenes can retain solvents
What Vikesland’s group has done that is different and novel is, instead of mixing the molecules with water, they have added citric acid, a naturally occurring and readily available acid. “The result is that instead of unstructured clumps, we get reproducible sphere-shaped
Vikesland is a great professor. This class was not my favorite by FAR, but he made it super easy. I had to put little effort into anything, which was helpful with my other classes. He is really lax and cares about students
Peter Vikesland has shown in his research that when the chemical triclosan, present in many antimicrobial soaps, reacts with chlorine in tap water, chloroform is produced. Chloroform is classified by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as a probable human carcinogen.
Vikesland's work was reported in last week's on-line edition of Environmental Science & Technology's science news section (http://pubs.acs.org/subscribe/journals/esthag-w/2005/apr/science/kb_chlorine.html). - See also:Health & Medicine * Infectious Diseases * Staying Healthy
chloroform in Vikesland’s experimental sink when the water was 40 degrees celsius – which is hot enough to facilitate removing grease and be bearable to human skin. How many people clean their teeth using water the same temperature as they would to wash dishes?
Vikesland’s research is certainly interesting, and it points to the problem of unintended reactions among common household chemicals. But there are few reasons to conclude that anyone is putting their health at serious risk from using antibacterial soap and hot water. “I think
Finally, Vikesland says he's started on the next phase of his research to try to answer some of the questions raised by what he's found so far. IN: And so what we're... RUNS: 23 OUT: ..
The chemical that concerns Vikesland is triclosan (TRY-close-ann), an anti-bacterial agent commonly added to soaps, mouthwash, toothpaste, skin conditioners, and other products. Here's how it gets into the environment in the first place: IN: When it gets... RUNS: 17
Vikesland has been getting inquiries whether the amount of triclosan found in toothpaste could be an issue. He says that's going to need further study, but? IN: You brush your teeth... RUNS: 16 OUT: ..
Vikesland’s research is funded by the American Water Works Association Research Foundation (AWWARF) and by a National Science Foundation (NSF) graduate research fellowship to Krista Rule, the lead student on the project.
Vikesland’s work was reported on in last week’s on-line edition of Environmental Science & Technology’s science news section. Triclosan is a synthetic antimicrobial agent, which is classified as a Class III drug by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). As the
In 2003, Vikesland was one of a select group of the nation's top young engineering faculty invited by the National Academy of Engineering to participate in the Frontiers of Engineering Symposium in Irvine, Calif.
Vikesland's CAREER project has two goals — to understand the chemistry of iron corrosion and reactivity, and to assess the effects of the formation of nano-particles on long-term reactivity. "A knowledge of the fundamental chemistry of this reactivity could result in
it's inception Vikesland has garnered much international interest.It has been featured in a book by Lonely Planet called: Guide to Micronations.A department of the United Nations has contacted it's government.An art Museum in Paris (Palaise de Tokyo) invited the
series, Vikesland: How I created a nation is in full swing.Estimated wrap of principal production is October 2007.This project is about the creation of Vikesland, a Micronation, and all the cool and intresting things that go into creating all parts of a small country.Please go to
Vikesland in a segment as well as CKX TV (CHUM Network) has also featured her and the Prince.This Program will be produced for three mediums, TV series, Internet series and feature documentary film. Prospective Network intrests are : CTV Travel, PBS in the U.S. and Skyone in the U.K.