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And just like its dishes, Sunda's interior is customary yet contemporary, making it sleek and stylish with Asian inspired decor added with a mix of different textures of French-polished black bamboo to red travertine marble. Accommodating 200 guests, the dining room
Our directions are included with our maps of SundaSunda was mentioned in these articles... New Restaurants, 3/24/09 Our handy guide to fresh spots for feasting is required reading. chicago
The Sunda kingdom takes up half of the whole island of Java; others, to whom more authority is attributed, say that the Sunda kingdom must be a third part of the island and an eight more
way to Majapahit pallace, the Sunda royal family was attacked by Gajah Mada's army in Bubat. As a result there was a skirmish between the royal family and the Majapahit army. The royal family
Sunda kingdom is very rich. The land of Sunda has as much as four thousands horses which come there from Priaman (Sumatera) and other islands to be sold. It has up to forty elephants; these are
Historical resources after Sunda Kalapa was named Jakarta Other Portuguese explorer, Diogo do Couto, also wrote that the Sunda kingdom is thriving and abundant; it lies between Java and Sumatra, having between it and the latter Sunda Strait. Many islands lie along
led by Sanjaya, while Sunda army is led by Patih Anggada. The raid is launced at nightfal is surprise attack. Almost all of Purbasora's family is wiped out, except Bimaraksa, Purbasora's son in-law, the minister of Galuh that escaped with just a handful of guards.
most probable timeline for the rulers of the Sunda kingdom is as follows: 1. Tarusbawa (669 – 723 AD) 2. Sanjaya/Harisdarma/Rakeyan Jamri (723 –732 AD). 3. Rakeyan Panaraban/Tamperan Barmawijaya (732 – 739 AD). 4
Prasasti Kebantenan II (Sunda Sembawa I) copperplate has the inscription announcing the approval of Sri Baduga Maharaja (1482-1521), the king staying in Pakuan, of a sacred estate (tanah devasasana); the borders of which are already established, and that
Sunda Kalapa Harbour was named as Jayakarta or Jakarta. Thirty Portuguese sailors, who had been shipwrecked by storm, swam to the beach at Kalapa only to be killed by Fadillah Khan's men. The Portuguese recognized the political leadership had changed when they
Sunda kingdom had made international treaty with Portuguese in 1522 AD. This treaty is better known under the name of Luso Sundanese Treaty of Sunda Kalapa. Because the growing expansive kingdom of Demak, the king of Sunda, Sri Baduga Maharaja, sought assistance from
Sunda Kingdom was used as an excuse by Wretikandayun, the lord of Galuh, another former vasal kingdom of Tarumanagara to break eastern Taruma apart from Tarusbawa's Sunda. Cangkuang temple, cultural heritage of Galuh Kingdom
the border of the Sunda Kingdom in the east is Pamali River (Ci Pamali, present day Brebes River) and Serayu River (Ci Serayu) in Central Java Province. In his travel log 'Summa Oriental (1513 – 1515)', Portuguese writer
The origin of the name Sunda was being used to identify a kingdom, written on an inscription found in Sukabumi area. The inscriptions consist of 40 lines requiring 4 piece of stone to write on. These 4 stones are found in the Cicatih River bank in Cibadak
The Sunda Trench is a likely location for the presumed wreckage to be found. (The Brig) Chapter One of Find 815 - The Sunda Trench was a clue given in the Find 815 Alternate Reality
Sunda Trench is approximately 3,200 kilometers long and over 7.7 kilometers (4.8 miles) deep. Maximum depth measurements vary for the Sunda Trench at 7.5 to 8.0 kilometers, making it the 13th-15th deepest ocean trench in the world
The Sunda Trench is an oceanic trench located the Indian Ocean off the island of Sumatra. Numerous aircraft and vessels have gone missing in the region of the trench over the year, giving it a somewhat mysterious reputation akin to the Bermuda Triangle's.
The Sunda Trench was the location where the faked wreckage of Flight 815 was discovered. It is the second deepest trench in the Indian Ocean and is located several hundred kilometers off of the southern and western shores of Indonesia
very proud history, Sunda has been working hard on manufacturing and R&D excellence ever since. Sunda is closely co-operating with the affiliated BSERI, enforcing our continuing effort to rather define the development and the utilization of solar thermal products than to follow others
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fisherman town in Nusa Tenggara (Lesser Sunda Islands) which is accesible by flights from BALI. In Labuan Bajo we will board on a fisherman wooden boat which have been modified to enable and suitable for carrying tourist, equipped by Radio Navigation, Electricity,
The Lesser Sundas, which were renamed Nusa Tenggara in 1954, form two provinces within Indonesia. Malaysia, Brunei, and East Timor are the other nations wholly or partially in the Sunda Islands. The Sunda Strait, 20 to 65 mi (32–100 km) wide,
The Sunda Strait (Indonesian: Selat Sunda) is the strait between the Indonesian islands of Java and Sumatra. It connects the Java Sea to the Indian Ocean. The name comes from the Indonesian term Pasundan, "West Java". Contents -
For generations the Sunda have lived primarily in the province of West Jawa with some living in Central Jawa. Traditionally, Sunda people support themselves by farming, both for their own needs and also for profit. Because of its high fertility, West Jawa is a very important
Pusaka Sunda is a gamelan degung ensemble, directed by Burhan Sukarma and Rae Ann Stahl, dedicated to performing traditional and contemporary gamelan degung music from West Java, Indonesia. About Pusaka Sunda =
Pusaka Sunda is based in San Jose, California and draws gamelan musicians from throughout the San Fransisco Bay Area. The group was formed in 1988 and has toured extensively in California as well as in other states
under the name Sunda which is their Indonesian name. That is why our website is Sunda.org. However, what is unusual about our website is we are talking from the perspective of Christian Sundanese. “Wait a minute,” you may say, “the
Comedian Sunda Croonquist was born in Paterson, New Jersey to an African-American mother and Swedish father. Inspired by her father’s career as a musician and having a stage/pageant mom always having her
Sunda is featured in this new short film - CROSSING THE LINE! Rolling Out Profiles Sunda Read "How She Does It" ~Working Mother Ezine Hey people, sign my
resemble practitioners of Sunda Silat, as both are training in what is essentially the same system. The difference is that while Pencak Silat Mande Muda was taught with a JKD "Catch as catch can" approach, Sunda Silat is more style-specific,
Sunda Silat is based in the same core-styles as Pencak Silat Mande Muda. This is not really unusual when you consider the founder, Bambang Suwanda is the younger brother of the late Pendekar Herman
Tembang Sunda: Classical Music from West Java is the first compact disk to be issued out of a larger body of recordings from Indonesia. It is a little known fact that Indonesia is the fourth largest
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Send Photo to a FriendIt was Sunday and it was quiet in the harbour, few boats were active loading or unloading. . . . So, some take advantage of quiet time to do some painting work on their dhows; not
Send Photo to a FriendSunda Kelapa is the old harbour of Jakarta, at the mouth of the Ciliwung River; here is a bit of the flavour of old Batavia, the old city where the spices were shipped to Europe, where
Send Photo to a FriendSunda Kelapa, Jakarta’s old port, is perpetually thronged by an armada of Buginese schooners. These ships have a glorious past, but an certain future. The name of the port refers to the coconut plams, or “kelapa”, which thrive in the fertile soil of