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* Rose Island (Rhode Island) is an island within Narragansett Bay, in the U.S. state of Rhode Island. It is the site of the Rose Island Lighthouse, which is listed on the National Register of
* Rose Island was an amusement park North of Louisville, Kentucky near Charlestown, Indiana that was popular during the 1920s but was destroyed by the Ohio River flood of 1937.
* Rose Island (Lake Starnberg) (German: Roseninsel) is the only island in Starnberger See south of Munich in Bavaria, Germany. * Republic of Rose Island was a shortlived micronation occupying a
at Rose Island, and even lived at Rose Island. An amusement park that was touted as "a play-ground and pleasure resort unexcelled anywhere within the central states." This collection of first person interviews is rich in historical
Steamboat passengers arriving at Rose Island were met with a boat landing and impressive, electric lighted entrance sign. The arched "Rose Island" sign sat upon three columns of native limestone and were topped with Gothic styled lamp posts. Rose Island visitors had ample
Rose Island was a popular amusement park near Charlestown, Indiana, situated on a peninsula (the "Devil's Backbone") created by Fourteen Mile Creek emptying into the Ohio River. It was a recreational area
where Rose Island was located, but the concrete pilings of the footbridge connecting the peninsula to the mainland remain and can be seen from one of the park's hiking trails. The state of Indiana has
* Rose Island (amusement park) was at coordinates 38°25′48″N 85°37′02″W / 38.430026°N 85.617185°W / 38.430026; -85.617185 Retrieved from "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rose_Island_(amusement_park)"Categories: 1923 establishments | 1937 disestablishments | Charlestown township | Defunct amusement parks | Former buildings and structures of
Rose Island was used during World Wars I and II as part of the Navy Torpedo Station where explosives were stored. After World War II this use ceased and the island (except for the Lighthouse) was declared surplus by the Government
what’s happening, but from April 1 to August 15, Rose Island is strictly for the birds! In the winter, from late October to early April, you can often see harbor seals on the east side of the island at Citing Rock, which in the warmer months is surrounded by extensive
Rose Island is located at 41o 29' 46.4" N. Latitude, and 71o 20' 29.2" W. Longitude in Lower Narragansett Bay, approximately midway between the shores of Newport and Jamestown and just south of the Claiborne Pell (Newport) Bridge
Rose Island's topography is rolling with large areas of exposed and near-surface bedrock, coastal wetlands and low-lying coastal terrain. As much as 25% is comprised of storm flooded wetlands. All but a small portion lies within flood hazard zones. (See Topographical Map
Rose Island is not accessible by car. It can be reached only by boat. There is a small public landing in shallow water on the south side of the island on the Lighthouse property. To protect the nesting birds,
Rose Island has no utility lines from the City – no water, no electric, no sewer, no phone, and no cable TV. There is no fresh water other than what can be gathered from the rain or hand carried to the island
Beginning in 1883, Rose Island was used for the storage of explosives. During World Wars I and II, it was the isolated part of the Newport Naval Torpedo Station where torpedoes and mines were filled. Several
The primary importance of Rose Island to wildlife is its value as nesting habitat for migratory birds. Annual surveys by RI DEM Fish & Wildlife and the Foundation show it to be a critically important wading bird nesting rookery in Narragansett Bay. The number of nesting
such as Rose Island to provide disturbance-free nesting habitat is critical to preserving the long-term integrity of nesting bird colonies in Narragansett Bay. It is the only way to ensure that heron, egret, ibis, and other migratory birds will be here for Rhode Island
campaign, the beach debris at Rose Island is organized, counted and the data is sent to the organizers. The trash is brought by "Starfish" to Newport to be disposed of properly. 8. Aesthetics
for the management of all of Rose Island by an organization which has pledged to protect and maintain that special place for generations to come. We look forward to long and cooperative working relationships with the DEM and the RIHP&HC to make this vision a reality.
Accessibility: Rose Island is accessible by ferry from Newport or Jamestown. Check the website of the Rose Island Lighthouse Foundation for information on tours and directions. Station established: 1870; Present lighthouse built: 1870 Deactivated: 1971; Relighted 1993
Rose Island, about a mile offshore from Newport, has a commanding position in Narragansett Bay's East Passage, with a clear view to the south all the way to Block Island. The island - once more than 25 acres in size - today encompasses only about 18 acres. It would
corner of Rose Island was an ideal place for a light to help guide navigators passing through the East Passage of the bay and those approaching Newport, as well as to warn of dangerous shoals north of Newport Harbor
In 1985, the Rose Island Lighthouse Foundation took over the lighthouse property and began the process of restoring the building inside and out. The lighthouse has been restored to the 1912-1915 period, with a coal stove in the kitchen and a working Victrola with a
public, and on August 7, 1993 Rose Island Lighthouse was relighted as a private aid to navigation. Christopher Owens, caretaker of the lighthouse for a time, later remembered his impressions of the relighting: Flipping the switch and watching that beacon light for the first
(1) Rose Island Light was built to mark Rose Island and guide navigation into Newport Harbor or through the East Passage of Narragansett Bay. During the Colonial period, Rose Island, like other grassy
Rose Island Lighthouse was constructed during Newport’s Gilded Age and Golden Age of Sailing. The Lighthouse was important to the safety of passengers aboard steamships entering the harbor of Newport’s summer resort. Rose Island became a popular place for picnic parties. Coastal
On July 10, 1984, Rose Island Lighthouse Foundation was established to restore and maintain the lighthouse and the surrounding grounds as a open public historic site. On October 2, 1985, the General Services Administration deeded the Lighthouse to the City of Newport at no cost.
On Rose Island, the Lighthouse museum is open daily from July 1 to Labor Day between 10 AM and 4 PM for public tours only. Guest lodging is available after the museum closes using the two keeper’s bedrooms.
Rose Island Lighthouse is located on a small island just south of the Newport Bridge. It was built in 1869 atop an old fort bastion, but was abandoned in 1971, and vandalized. In 1993, it was restored by a non
Rose Atoll (Nu'u o Manu/Rose Island) is a small, extremely low-lying, atoll formation located at the eastern end of the Samoan archipelago, situated 138 km east from the island of Ta'ū. The atoll forms part of
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Rose Island Lighthouse, which has been painstakingly cleaned and restored to its 1912 appearance by the Rose Island Lighthouse Foundation. The renovation of the lighthouse, built circa 1870, was no easy task. For about a century after it was first lit, the Rose Island
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