New Utopia's substantially tax-free economy has been visualized by its founders as 'a Monaco of the Caribbean.' Embracing principles of wide-open free enterprise and 'epitomizing the capitalistic dream', they plan to promote the development of banking, financial services,
New Utopia's "UK Pro Consul" was interviewed by Danny Wallace for his 2005 BBC2 series about micronations, How to Start Your Own Country. See also - Micronations portal * List of micronations
The Principality of New Utopia is a micronation project established and operated by Lazarus Long (a.k.a. Howard Turney). The project was publicised by various media outlets in Europe and the United States. In an article about fake nations, called
profile" and that "New Utopia's 'UK Pro Consul' was interviewed by Danny Wallace for his 2005 BBC2
"New Utopia is a micronation project ..." rather than "New Utopia was, according to the SEC, a micronation
Principality of New Utopia) was inappropriate because were not notable. Thus the article about the scam was created. It probably would have been better for you just to go rogue and
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Principality of New Utopia is a scam or was running a scam. Where is the evidence of this established in the citation? The citation only establishes that Lazarus Long was permanently enjoined from violating the SEC rule in the citation
the establishment of New Utopia is September 1996 Vortexentity 03:59, 1 June 2007 (UTC)vortexentity I have removed the founding date for lack of a source. I am not
The Government of New Utopia has had a legal opinion on the validity of their claim filed by London Barrister Shay Lotan and is available upon request but is not published due to Shay's request. The
Constitution of the Principality of New Utopia was signed 20 July, 1999. Signing the document were "H.R.M. Prince Lazarus", "H.R.M. Princess Maureen", his wife, John Howard Long, his son, T.M (Bud) Skillern, Matt Kristof, Jeffrey Schott, Jay Hopcus, Ronald Kimball, Michael McDonnough, and Richard W
It has been claimed that the proposed location for New Utopia is in international waters. It has been reported that the New Utopia web site once featured a legal opinion as to the legitimacy of the territorial claim of the proposed Principality of New Utopia but this
New Utopia is conceived by Long as an artificial island nation in the Caribbean Sea, where the use of the latest technologies and unfettered free enterprise capitalism, within a political environment founded upon libertarian principles will encourage free trade and provide
The driving force behind New Utopia is Mr. Lazarus Long. (Prince Lazarus) He has been an entrepreneur all his life. He's now 73, "going on 43." Before he legally had his name changed, he was known as Howard Turney
The Principality of New Utopia is a libertarian micronation founded in the mid 1990's by Oklahoma resident Lazarus Long, his family and business associates. It is generally dismissed by those who see Long's claims as overstated and unattainable. It is conceptually similar to
The site selected for New Utopia is an underwater reef - the Misteriosa Bank - approximately equidistant from Mexico, Honduras and Cuba, with a surface area of over 400 square kilometers with an average depth of 20 meters.
In short, New Utopia is a dream adrift. It is based on lies and hyperbole - a parade of fools led by a charismatic figurehead manipulated by the insane. Honest people of integrity could
New Utopia government bonds, never mind the fact that there is no New Utopia government, just as there is no New Utopia itself. Fortunately, to protect those who might be taken by this scam, the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission this month obtained an
New Utopia is the name of a proposed city state to be built on the Misteriosa Banks, approximately 120 miles west of Grand Cayman in the Carribean. In this area, there are submerged mountain tops
New Utopia was investigated and shut down by the US Security Exchange Commission in 1998, for selling bonds not in accordance with SEC rules. Lazarus ultimately settled with them (we are
Principality of New Utopia is just one of many such hoaxes. Another such is the Dominion of Melchizedek, which was invented by some criminals while they were spending their time in the pokey,
Apparently, New Utopia now has a PDF file with a master plan, and is claiming to have contracted with the "Dallas Global Development Corporation". Michael Anderson wrote: Mr. Lazarus,
nation of New Utopia is a Principality, regulated by a formal declaration of sovereignty and a constitution, somewhat resembling that of the Principality of Monaco. - "The purpose of government is to protect freedoms through the
The Principality of New Utopia Background New Utopia is envisioned as becoming one of the worlds pre-eminent offshore centers, using the most modern and easy-to-understand legislation and a totally computerized Companies Registry and database with encrypted
New Utopia's "UK Pro Consul" was interviewed by Danny Wallace for his 2005 BBC2 series about micronations, How to Start Your Own CountryHow to Start Your Own Country How To Start Your Own Country was a six-part BBC Television
The Principality of New Utopia is a micronationMicronation Micronations — sometimes also referred to as model countries and new country projects — are entities that resemble independent nations or states but which are unrecognized by world governments or major international organisations....
The New Utopia, Keeping the World As It Is = by Julio Godoy VIENNA - Utopias have always inspired humankind - from the defence of enlightenment against religious fanaticism during the Middle Ages, to
* New Utopia Communications Incorporated has been formed with a $50 million share capital to provide local and international telecommunications and Internet infrastructure. * A state of the art film and television studio.
New Utopia has already attracted a considerable number of very substantial investors who wish to open businesses. Here are just a few: * New Utopian Airlines is committed to spending an as yet
New Utopia is being founded on the principle that those who have the ability, luck, (call it what you will) or perseverance to do well should be able to enjoy the fruits of their labors. The founding
New Utopia is in a much more desirable area of the World, in the center of the best possible market, the Northwest Caribbean, with easy access from the US, Canada, Mexico, Central and south America. The
New Utopia's 2000 construction startup date, however, came and went . . . away. The only other scheduling information we could find was from a Web link to New Island Developments (, which seems to be the alleged "consortium of international developers." (But
Who knows? Perhaps New Utopia is on the up-and-up. Similarly, perhaps Elvis and Amelia Earhart are both alive and well and living on a remote island somewhere. Somewhere like, hmmm, say, the Principality of New Utopia?
In New Utopia the only vote the citizens have is on any change that impacts their freedoms, which must pass by at least 2/3. Other than that, the government will operate like a well-run company by the Board of Governors.
The Principality of New Utopia is now reaching the stage where final plans are being drawn up for the construction of the first phase of our new city/state. We have over 2,800,000 square feet of retail/office space and over
You may be interested to learn that New Utopia has already attracted a considerable number of very substantial investors who wish to open businesses there – the following are just a few: Ø New Utopian Airlines are committed to
"The Principality of New Utopia has adopted legislation designed to promote the development of banking, financial services, insurance, trust and securities brokerage services, and many other businesses," according to the nation's website.
"The Principality of New Utopia is a constitutional sovereignty based on the principles of free enterprise and capitalism, embracing a tax free economy, with assurance of freedom and privacy in connection with any commercial enterprise," explained Prince Lazarus.
"Which to me is why New Utopia has come into existence," described Prince Lazarus of the abusive treatment his partner is alleged to have received. Law enforcement agencies have used large sums of cash as justification to seize private property.
Although New Utopia has applied to the U.N. and other international organizations for recognition, there are no plans to apply for membership. Prince Lazarus plans to ask the U.N. only for observer status. A handful of countries have already recognized New Utopia, and
energy New Utopia is generating, we are going to have hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world who will want to come see the first new country in hundreds of years. We will not have enough
New Utopia is freedom. Freedom from burdensome taxes and freedom from government interference. "I firmly believe that the government should be non-invasive. Either to the citizens, to the businesses, or to the medical decisions. All
New Utopia is over 100 miles from any country, but Honduras claims a 200 mile trade boundary which includes New Utopia. "My legal people decided that we didn't dare start building until we
New Utopia's closest neighbor is the Cayman Islands, 115 miles to the east. The Caymans are visited by approximately 1.5 million people a year, prompting Prince Lazarus's optimism. He says that New Utopia will "out Cayman the Cayman Islands."