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The Republic of Molossia is a micronation founded by Kevin Baugh and headquartered near Dayton, Nevada. It consists of Baugh's house, backyard and front garden, as well as two other properties in Southern California and Pennsylvania.
The name Molossia is derived from the Spanish word morro which means "small rocky hill." Baugh notes that the ancient Greek tribe of Molossians is unrelated. Contents - * 1 History
Molossia is officially a republic governed by a constitution creating a National Assembly and other institutions of state. However, "due to unrest and the ever-present foreign menace from over the border", a
Republic of Molossia since the micronation is unrecognized and therefore has no equivalent agencies outside it. The Postal and Telegraph Service currently produces stamps , . Tourism - Molossian customs station.
Molossia is located at 39°19′14″N 119°32′22″W / 39.32056°N 119.53944°W / 39.32056; -119.53944 (39.320556, -119.539444). References - * One nation, under me, The Chicago Tribune, Colleen Mastoni, July 3,
President Baugh of Molossia said to me that he didn't mind us, you know, engaging in the good humor but not to make light of it, not to treat it with too much disrespect; that he was still trying to,
The Government of Molossia supports the VIRGINIA RANGE WILDLIFE PROTECTIVE ASSOCIATION If you cannot properly view the menu above, please click here for the site map. Republic of Molossia
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The Molossians (Greek: Μολοσσοί, English: Molossoi) were an ancient Greek tribe that settled Epirus during Mycenaean times. On their northeast frontier they had the Chaonians and to their southern frontier the kingdom of the Thesprotians, to their north were the Illyrians
According to Greek mythology, the Molossians were the descendants of Molossus, one of the three sons of Neoptolemus, son of Achilles and Deidamia. Following the sack of Troy, Neoptolemus and his armies settled in Epirus where they joined with the local population.
Thesprotians, the Chaonians and the Molossians were the three principal clusters of Greek-speaking tribes that had emerged from Epirus and were the most powerful among all other tribes. The Molossians were also renowned for their vicious hounds, which were
in ancient Greece the heavier Molossian dogs were often used by the Greeks and Romans for hunting (canis venaticus) and to watch over the house and livestock (canis pastoralis). "Never, with them on guard," says Virgil, "need you fear for your stalls a midnight thief, or
The most famed member of the Molossian dynasty was Pyrrhus, who became famous for his Pyrrhic victory over the Romans. According to Plutarch, Pyrrhus was the son of Aeacides of Epirus and a Greek woman from Thessaly named Phthia, the daughter of a war hero in the Lamian War.
In 385 BC, the Molossians were attacked by Illyrians instigated and aided by Dionysius. of Syracuse to place Alcetas that was a refugee in his court to the throne. Dionysius planned to control all the Ionian Sea. Sparta had intervened as soon as the events became
Molossian hounds were celebrated in antiquity, and were much prized for hunting." 2. ^ Errington, Malcolm R. A History of Macedonia. University of California Press, 1993, ISBN 0520063198. "The Molossians were the
Molossian tribes had combined with the neighbouring Thesprotians and Chaonians to form a Molossian state with a king and officials called prostates (president), grammateus (secretary), and tribal
the Molossian state were the king, the leader (prostates) the secretary (grammateus) and the ten demiourgoi one for each tribe that made up the group (e.g. Arctanes, Genoaei)." 12
Thessaly, Macedonia, and Molossia in Epirus, which she had helped to stave off an Illyrian invasion. 18. ^ Diodorus Siculus. Library, Book 15.13.1. 19. ^ Boardman, John. The Cambridge Ancient History. Cambridge
spoke about how Molossia came to be. He explained to us that we were literally just feet from a foreign nation, the United States, and that his relationship with the US is a friendly one, although he would
After completing the trek across Molossia on the trail, we took a seat near the Summerhouse and enjoyed some El Presidente water and squares of cookie dough. President Baugh also passed around souvenirs for all of us to take home, including some of the money issued by the Bank of
The trip out to Molossia was well worth the short drive over the Virginia Foothills into Dayton Valley. It’s also another reason to enjoy Nevada. Here is a guy who has turned his childhood fun project into a full-blown adult hobby
it, which contains the Trans Molossian Trail, is left natural. Kevin Baugh explained that in a growing area such as his, land is often stripped of all natural vegetation to make way for homes, so he means to leave his as natural as he can, including Lone Tree
for sure, but I’d guess that Molossia is a model micronation. What he has done there has to rank among the best int he world and with his upcoming hosting of dignitaries from other micronations, he should be one of the more known rulers
Molossia’s news service has posted about our visit. Update 2 Molossia is even more famous now than after we visited them tags: kevin baugh, micronation, nevada, republic of molossia posted by Ryan Jerz on 04/21/2008
Molossia's capital city, Espera, is situated on little over an acre of land in Western Nevada, within driving distance of Reno. Another territory, Desert Homestead Province, is located in Southern California. Unlike most of today's micronations, Molossia allows
President Baugh: Molossia is located in Western Nevada, about 35 miles southeast of Reno, Nevada. Desert Homestead Province Image: www.molossia.org. WN (Joseph Ford) How large is Molossia?
President Baugh: Molossia was founded in 1977, when my best friend James and I saw the movie, The Mouse that Roared. We were quite taken by the idea of a tiny country accomplishing such
President Baugh: Well, officially, Molossia is a republic, complete with a constitution. Sadly, things are in such disarray over the border from us, that I had no choice but to suspend the
WN (Joseph Ford) The Molossian Navy has their own academy, which is open for all to join online. Tell us about that. President Baugh: Indeed, I opened the Naval Academy several
President Baugh: Well, Molossian culture is a mix of several sources. Above all, we value the lifestyle of the western U.S., especially as it pertains to living in a wide-open place such as
WN (Joseph Ford) The land claimed by Molossia is also claimed by the United States. How are relations between your country and the U.S.? Have there been any altercations? Or do you generally leave each other alone?
WN (Joseph Ford) Can one become a citizen of Molossia? Is honorary citizenship granted? Presdient Baugh: Well, Molossian citizenship is only extended to actual, physical residents of Molossia, and we are not accepting
WN (Joseph Ford) Molossia has its own systems of measurement and dates. Tell us about them. President Baugh: Our dates are based from the year that Molossia
Founder's Day, the day Molossia was founded, was 26 May 1977. Our measurement system is called the Kokintz System, named for Professor Kokintz of Grand Fenwick. All of the units of
WN (Joseph Ford) Molossia also has its own time zone. Tell us about it. President Baugh: Again, to keep things interesting, we devised our own time zone, Molossian Standard Time
Molossia takes about an hour, during which I take all visitors on a tour of our country and tell them about Molossia and micronations in general. Cookie dough is served, too, of course,
WN (Joseph Ford) Molossia is one of the world's most serious and well known micronations. In under ten years, it has gained the attention of the media and respect of thousands. Where do you see your country in another ten years?
President Baugh: Molossia is a fairly easygoing place to live and thus an easy place to run. As President, I am, of course the steward of my nation, and my principle duties involve taking
The Republic of Molossia is in the news again. First it was Ryan Jerz, then the Chicago Tribune, and now the Reno Gazette Journal has made the trek "along U.S. 50 past dirt hills, houses of ill repute" to visit Molossia
The Republic of Molossia, which declared its independence in 1998, has played an unparalleled role in the development of small nations. At only three years old, the Principality of Vikesland is a relative newcomer to the world of micronations. However, despite its age,
summits Molossia has hosted this year, many positive things can take place when micronationalists come together, and I think the League of Small Nations is just the venue to make these things
Molossia has a population of four – Baugh’s family – uses the “Valora” as currency, has a national instrument called the molossaphone, which is a trumpet-shaped kazoo, and lists cookie dough as the national food.
Like other countries, Molossia has seen times of war, battling the fake nation of Mustachistan and its leader Sultan Ali-Ali Achsenfree in 2006, but Baugh says Molossia “trounced them mightily.” Though President Baugh says he rules with “a velvet glove wrapped
Republic of Molossia has the ability to launch nuclear ballistic missile. :D paulyhart (1 jaar geleden) Toon Verbergen +2 Gemarkeerd als spamAntwoorden you might want to call your neighboring country the next time you decide to launch. i'm not sure how they view the
The Republic of Molossia is a micronation located near Dayton, complete with its own constitution, crest, and currency. What I wrote caught the eye of Molossian President Kevin Baugh, and he sent me the following note yesterday: Mr
as I want to wait until Molossia is ready to accept official visitors. In case you didn’t know, it’s actually every blogger’s dream to become a part of actual history. I have that chance if I were to make a decent impression on President Baugh
The Republic of Molossia was proud to host Prince Christopher and Princess Erin of Vikesland to our nation, June 27 - 30, 2008 XXXI. The Prince and Princess traveled from their nation, located in Manitoba,
Despite the current ban on tobacco in Molossia, there is no such (recognized) ban in New Antrim, and in celebration of the creation of our tobacco industry, we have decided to release a new cigar! Presidente cigars are hand made from choice tobacco. The base product
The Republic of Molossia is a satirical micronation project that has a history extending over several decades. It was founded on 26 May, 1977 by well-known micronational hobbyist Kevin Baugh, and inspired by the
Molossia's first three coins were manufactured by President Baugh by affixing coloured labels to plastic gambling chips - an appropriate symbol of the micronation's Nevada heritage. It's first metal coin was produced by USNS member Jorge Vidal, and commemorates a treaty of
In 1998 land was purchased in Nevada and finally Molossia had some territory to call its own. Kevin Baugh then declared himself dictator and rules over his family with an iron fist; so he is like your dad, but with a fancy uniform.
Molossia has its own online store. We have no clue if the Authentic Molossian Pedigreed Pet Rocks are their biggest seller, but if they are, they should be ashamed of themselves. You can also purchase
want to waste your money, Molossia is the place! The Molossian homepage has a very detailed account of the mock war they had with the neighbor micronation of Mustachistan, but intentionally stupid wars are no fun, so we are going to talk about
Molossia has a space program, and by that we mean they have a store-bought telescope and some toy rockets with a camera attached to them. We have to admit that looks like fun.
If Molossia is a republic, why do you call it a kingdom on the picture? 3/24/2009 12:44:00 AMAquila89 Soooo... my family and I moved from South Lake Tahoe to Dayton, Nevada 3 weeks ago
On further reading on Molossia's website, The territory has it's own currency, and the 20 note features Ann Hathaway. Seriously. 3/23/2009 6:11:18 PMSophmore Great article! I reminded of that Family Guy episode when Peter founds his own country, "Petoria".
Molossia is a micronation ubicated in Nevada, USA. This bulding is the governament house of that micronation. In this house live Mr. President Bough, currently president of the micronation.Translate Show original Link Include
Molossia was founded in the 1970s on a small stretch of land in rural Nevada. The population of four claims to be an independent nation-state though it is completely encompassed by the United States of America. In theory, the country has a constitution
The Republic of Molossia is a micronation located near Dayton, Nevada. Founded by Kevin Baugh, its origins can be traced to 1977. It has a population of four, being Baugh, his wife and two children.
Illyrians and the Koinon (community) of the Molossians (Molossians was later deemed a part of Epirus). Both of these had a federative character and were distinguished by the instability of royal power. As Greek and Latin authors report, in the first half of the fourth
Of all the tribes of Epirus the Molossians were the most important. By rallying neighbouring tribes around them, they had established a "state" known by the name of the Koinon of Molossia, whith a Molossian king at its head, while the other tribes were represented by a supreme
The Republic of Molossia has a population of four. It is presently in a state of perpetual martial law, courtesy of the ‘foreign menace over the border.' This border encompasses all of
A role model for micronations everywhere, the Republic of Molossia is presently eight and a half years old. It created its first colony in 2003, and won its first war in June 2006. And if you were to stop by, you could probably have lunch with the President.
by Rama Molossia is a micronation... View in Google Earth Build 3D models using Google SketchUp. View 3D models using Google Earth and the 3D Warehouse Network Link.
Republic of Molossia is at number 226, just up on the right," report the authors of Micronations: The Lonely Planet Guide to Home-Made Nations. "Make sure they're expecting you; don't just show up."' GO TO FULL STORY >>
Molossians, huge Mastiff-like dogs that were used for hunting and war," Shirley Kalstone, "The Dog in Art," in The AKCs World of the Pure Bred Dog, 1983,p.269.See also K.S.Matz, The Pit Bull in Fact and Fable, 1984, pp. 5-12.
which there is actually not a great deal on the Molossian dog, is less clearcut than the Persian and Assyrian-Babylonian concerning unity and type." The Neopolitan niastiff, pp. 27-28. About the best examples he can cite are two smallish, broad-headed dogs that could easily pass
population of Molossia is four - three males and one female. Only one of the males is old enough to fight in the Molossian military. This man, not coincidentally, is Molossia's 39-year-old president, Kevin Baugh. Not all Micronations are so exclusive
Republic of Molossia is the valora, divided into 100 futtrus. Coins look suspiciously like poker chips, which is perhaps appropriate, as Molossia (population four) is surrounded by the casino-rich US state of Nevada. National mottos are important too
All in all, though, Molossia was a great time, and very worthy of April 2008’s Post of the Month. May 25, 2008 06:21 PM random ruminations — Tactical Advantage -
Molossians' core territory was Molossia. Related terms * Molossia * Molossian Retrieved from "http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/Molossians"Category: English plurals Views