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Minerva was the Roman name of Greek goddess Athena. She was considered to be the virgin goddess of warriors, poetry, medicine, wisdom, commerce, weaving, crafts, and the inventor of music. She is often
The name "Minerva" is likely imported from the Etruscans who called her Menrva. In Etruscan mythology, Menrva was the goddess of wisdom, war, art, schools and commerce. She was the Etruscan counterpart to Greek Athena
As Minerva Medica, she was the goddess of medicine and doctors. As Minerva Achaea, she was worshipped at Luceria in Apulia where votive gifts and arms said to be those of Diomedes were preserved in her temple.
Minerva was worshipped on the Capitoline Hill as one of the Capitoline Triad along with Jupiter and Juno, at the Temple of Minerva Medica, and at the "Delubrum Minervae" a temple founded around 50 BC by Pompey
* The Minerva head has been associated with the Chartered Society of Designers since its inception in 1930 and has been redefined several times during the history of the Society by notable graphic designers
* Minerva is the symbol of the University of Porto. * A statue of Minerva is located in the center of La Sapienza University, the most important university of Rome.
* Minerva is the name of a language school in Ruse, Bulgaria. * Minerva is the name of a female residence at the University of Stellenbosch in South Africa.
* Minerva is the name of a computer science server used by students at the Harvard Extension School. * Minerva is displayed to the East of University of North Carolina
* Minerva is featured on the seals and logos of many institutions of higher learning: * University of Lincoln. Minerva's head is used as the logo of
Minerva is still venerated by seniors and their 'torch bearers' during a pre-graduation ritual called "Torch Night" there.
* Minerva is also the name of the oldest student-association in the Netherlands (Leiden University). * Minerva decorates the keystone over the main entrance to the
* Minerva is the Goddess of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity. Fraternity Brothers are known as Loyal Sons of Minerva. * Minerva is the patron of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, the largest
* Minerva is the name of a remote learning facility at Bath Spa University in England, UK. * Minerva is featured on the seal of the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma
* Minerva is the patroness of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. * Minerva is the name of the statue on the campus of Texas Woman's
* Minerva is featured in the logo of The Mac.Robertson Girls' High School, Australia. * Minerva is featured on the seals of many schools and colleges: on
* Minerva is the patroness of the Union Philosophical Society of Dickinson College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. * The Yale School of Architecture in New Haven, Connecticut,
* The Minerva head is displayed outside The Natural History Museum, Bergen, Norway Societies and governmental use * The Minerva head has been associated with the Chartered Society of
* Minerva is the logo of the world famous German "Max Planck Society for the Advancement of Science" (Max-Planck-Gesellschaft) * The helmet of Minerva serves as the crest of the distinctive unit
* Minerva is displayed on the Medal of Honor, the highest military decoration awarded by the United States government. * A large mozaic of Menerva is the focal art piece in the great room
* Minerva circle is one of the famous and busiest circles in Bangalore. * The Minerva Roundabout in Guadalajara, Mexico, located at the crossing of the López Mateos, Vallarta, López Cotilla, Agustín
* Minerva is displayed as a statue in the Minneapolis Central Library in downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota. * Minerva is displayed as a statue in Pavia near the train station,
BC) estimated that, while Gaulish Minerva was one of the most esteemed of native gods, she ranked lower than Mercury, Apollo, Mars, and Jupiter. She was thought to teach the first principles of the arts. Her worship was also known in Roman Britain, where the geographer
indigenous goddess, Sulis-Minerva or Sul-Minerva, always takes first place in inscriptions. The large gilded bronze head of Sulis-Minerva that survives at Bath, ripped from its torso with helmet severed, indicates that the goddess was portrayed there in classical dress.
Minerva was the Roman name of Greek goddess Athena. She was considered to be the virgin goddess of warriors, poetry, medicine, wisdom, commerce, weaving, crafts, and the inventor of music. This article focuses on Minerva in early Rome and in cultic practice
A head of "Sulis-Minerva" found in the ruins of the Roman baths in Bath Minerva in modern usage - This section describes how the goddess or her image is represented in modern times.
* Minerva is displayed on the Medal of Honor, the highest military decoration awarded by the United States government. The Minerva Roundabout in Guadalajara, Mexico Public monuments and places
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View All NAB: IPTV Going Strong in 2009, Minerva Says April 20, 2009 Amino and Minerva to Showcase Whole Home Digital Video Recorder Solution at NAB 2009 April 20, 2009 Latens and Minerva Networks Extend Close Integration of CAS and IPTV
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MINERVA, created by Adam Foster, is an episodic series of single-player mods for Valve Corporation's Half-Life 2. Installments are released as each is finalized: the three releases for the Metastasis chapter have already been made, with the third installment released on October 1, 2007
MINERVA's plot is progressed through radio messages from the female character after whom the mod is named (Minerva), the messages are relayed as text rather than spoken words. Minerva's communications are sarcastic and dismissive, and her demeanour brusque, treating the
Minerva is not omniscient however; Metastasis also reveals her to be working within the limits of satellite imagery and terrestrial radio, and at several points admits to the player that she does not know what lies ahead, and is exploring with them.
The complexity of Minerva as a character is an important theme in the game and provides an explanation for the lack of backstory or timeline information. Timeline MINERVA's communications are unusual in that each is prefixed by a
MINERVA is placed firmly in our world – part of the first level is played in and around a World War II bunker (identified as such in the game). This puts the location as somewhere in Europe or the Pacific Ocean
MINERVA's designer, Foster, is critical of Valve's design of Half-life 2 maps. His belief is that game developers focus on creating gameplay friendly environments that do not work in an architectural way, "a series of unconnected boxes" says Foster, MINERVA's environments
The second level to MINERVA is set inside a huge shaft found at the center of the strange island. As the player progresses downwards the level becomes much darker. This installment involves slightly less combat, although the well
It is revealed that the user is not the only person Minerva has manipulated. She compares you against at least one other such avatar - perhaps a reference to Pericles but it is also possible it refers to the player character of Someplace Else. She also reveals that the
MINERVA has grown in popularity recently, and it is currently a featured mod on Steam. There have also been various reviews of the mod by independent sites: * MINERVA was featured as a Mod of the Week on Planet Halflife
Minerva is also the birth place of Charles E. Wilson, Secretary of Defense under President Eisenhower. President William McKinley also frequented the Minerva Area while visiting his summer home located a few miles east of Minerva locally known as the McKinley Farm.
philosophies of Minerva is that members can learn from each other. These user groups and discussion forums allow for a free exchange of ideas and information.
* The Minerva Public Relations and Education Committee has created PR materials for your use. Feel free to add your library's local information as needed. Maine
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Minerva is a human and Autobot Headmaster Junior from the Super-God Masterforce portion of the Generation 1 continuity family. Head Master-Jailbait
out to be more than Minerva was prepared for. Minerva is very uncomfortable with violence, and being thrown into the heart of a war in which children, of all beings, are so casually made a part of the
As an Autobot Headmaster Junior, Minerva is bonded to a Transtector from the planet Master, which takes the form of an emergency rescue vehicle. Using her Masterbraces, she can summon a suit of armor that enhances her physical strength, speed and reflexes, which allows her
Outside of combat situations, Minerva is a much more easy-going girl. Clearly raised in an overly "traditional" manner befitting an ambassador's daughter and tutored in various "feminine skills", she is a talented dancer, painter, cook and medic, and has inherited the
Minerva is enough to bring any Autobot out in a hot flush. English-Malay dub name: Nightbeat Contents - * 1 Fiction
When the news came that her family was moving to Japan, Minerva was especially excited at the prospect of learning traditional Japanese dance, but she could never have guessed that the plane on which they flew would be attacked by the Decepticon Pretender, Blood, who was
Minerva was initially angry with Shūta and Cab for lying to her, she was impressed with their bravery when the jet's flight attendant turned out to be a Decepticon Destroid and they fought and incapacitated her
suggested that Minerva could join them in attending the International School, and she happily agreed. Kidnapping!? The Targeted Jumbo Jet Does this transtector make me look fat? Having seen the evil of the Decepticons firsthand, Minerva was only to
Shūta and Cab in the fight, Minerva was only galvanized into action when she saw a young girl become buried under rubble on news coverage of the battle. Racing into action without a second thought, Minerva
Ginrai, whom Minerva and the other Juniors were eager to meet. Ginrai: God On of Rage!! They arrived to meet him at the harbour when he came to visit them, but during the drive back to the headquarters, the team
Minerva appealed to Cancer to abandon the Decepticons and join the Autobots, but she was struck down by Bullhorn before her words could sink in. Heroism!! The Birth of Super Ginrai The Headmaster Juniors' summer break coincided with the discovery of
offer of taking refuge in his cabin, where Minerva was able to tell her fellow Juniors her suspicions. She was soon proven wrong, however, when Ranger revealed a strange, glowing rock that he had discovered, which turned out to be a Transtector with which he then bonded,
the Decepticons and challenged Ginrai to a duel, Minerva was among the spectators of the battle, but found herself playing a more important role when she was captured by Blood and Gilmer. The Pretender duo threatened her life in order to make Ginrai stand down, but Sixknight
and the horrified Minerva was forced to team up with Cancer's little Decepticon buddy Browning to blind Sixknight with a smokescreen, allowing the Decepticon Juniors to escape. The Autobot Warrior, Sixknight?! And they skipped off into the sun while others drowned.
Soon thereafter, Minerva, Shūta and Cab were at last let in on a secret the other Autobots had been keeping from them: the 'Bomber Project', a plan to construct a power-up drone known as 'Godbomber' for Ginrai to help him fight BlackZarak, a mighty Decepticon presently
and Minerva treated his wounds before he was admitted to a hospital. Will the Bomber Project Be Destroyed!? Ginrai was insistent on going through with the mission despite his injuries, so Minerva had Shūta and Cab spar with him a little to help him work through the pain
Pacific, Minerva was injured by a blast from Overlord, but was suddenly swept up and carried to safety by a new robot named Clouder, who introduced himself as the final Godmaster. Appearance!! The Final
Autobots occupied in battle, Minerva and the Juniors were left to defend the base alone, but ultimately, the Autobots were forced to abandon it before it was destroyed. Disaster! The Autobot Base Explodes Soon after, BlackZarak was able to reach the Earth, and the conflict
within the Grand Canyon, Minerva was part of a team along with Shūta, Cab and Ranger who were attacked by King Poseidon. Autobots! Desperate Attack!! The Juniors got a chance at a rematch in the Alps, where King
Minerva was a schoolfriend of Shūta and Cab's, who joined them in begging Metalhawk to allow them to become members of the Autobots. After a period of intense training, the trio were given Masterbraces
Minerva and Shūta had to silently sneak out of the International School dorms, and once they arrived on the scene, they were attacked by the Decepticon Headmaster Juniors. Although outmatched, they were able to overpower their foes when Cancer was distracted by some
captured by the Decepticons, however, Minerva had to pilot Godbomber alone and crashed it through the walls of Overlord's base mode in order to save her friends. As their injuries were bandaged back at the Autobot base, Minerva was embarrassed by the two boys' jokes about how
Minerva's Transtector is referred to as an ambulance, but let's be honest - it's a Porsche 959 with an emergency rescue color scheme that wouldn't likely be very useful in transporting
Headmaster toys, Minerva has a flip-down panel on her chest which covers a spring-loaded mini-Tech-Spec-meter which gives readings for Speed, Strength and Intelligence. The tumblers are
this version of the Minerva toy was only available by mail order, for the price of 1800 yen and four robot points. It is unknown if this version of the toy came in a simple mailer box
* Minerva in robot mode was available in the second "Act" of Takara's Super Collection Figure line, a PVC-plastic mini-figure based on her animation model. Both a full-color and colorless-clear version
* A second Minerva SCF came out in Act 5 of the line, this time as an unarmored human in her school uniform. Available in both full-color and pewter-finish versions, she was packed in with the
* Minerva's name is consistently mis-anglicized as "Minelba" in every English instance of the name on Japanese packaging and bio material. There is essentially no difference between the "L" and
* The Ark II claims that Minerva is half-French, half-English. In the cartoon, however, it is explicitly stated that her mother is French, and her father is from the Republic of Mont Porte.
* Minerva's color scheme was used for the DVD-exclusive "Minerva Type" redeco of Cybertron Thunderblast...who was a Decepticon boat and nothing like Minerva in any way other than being "female". She
MINERVA is not a conventional modification, but instead is an ongoing, episodic series of single-player Half-Life 2 maps under development by Adam Foster. The maps are linked by a common plotline, based in the Half-Life 2
As of November 2008, MINERVA: Metastasis is also available in French, German, Italian, Polish, Russian and Spanish. These language packs were provided by the LocWorks localization team. Download - Note
The Minerva Lions were outslugged by the Canton South Wildcats 14-9 in a Northeastern Buckeye Conference baseball game. Comment? Thu Apr 23, 2009 The Review LHS nips Minerva, 4-3
A Minerva woman was killed in a three-vehicle crash early Tuesday morning on U.S. Route 30. Comment? The Review Police Log: A deputy was called to a domestic dispute on Bayard Road, Homeworth,
Minerva, Ohio is located in Carroll County. Zip codes in Minerva, OH include 44657. More Minerva information. Minerva Yellow Pages Minerva - Hobbies Minerva - Shopping Minerva - Dentists
Minerva McGonagall (born October 4, 1925) was the Professor of Transfiguration from 1956 until 1998 at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and she was also the Head of Gryffindor House, and the Deputy Headmistress of the school whilst it was held under Albus Dumbledore
As a teacher, Minerva was a strict disciplinarian, maintaining control of her students with a stern hand that made her someone not to be crossed. Her lessons consisted of but were not limited to match-to-needle, beetle-to-button, and mouse-to-snuffbox transformations.
After the first rise of Lord Voldemort, Minerva McGonagall took part in fighting the dark wizard and his followers. In the early days of the First Wizarding War McGonagall joined the Order of the Phoenix, led by Albus Dumbledore, and she played a vital role in the resistance
In 1992, Minerva was present for the re-opening of the Chamber of Secrets. She, along with the rest of the teaching staff, scoured the castle for the Chamber, but to no avail. She also had to deal with the
When the school year began in September, Minerva had to deal with the effects that the Dementors had on her students, such as Harry Potter. She also authorized Hermione Granger to use a Time-Turner in order to take extra classes.
Minerva was sympathetic, but warned him that Umbridge was not to be trifled with and that he should keep his head down. McGonagall did all she could to circumvent Umbridge's authority without risking her own security as Deputy Headmistress
After Umbridge's appointment as High Inquisitor, Minerva was forced to endure the other woman's presence during her evaluation of Minerva's teaching. Minerva kept her temper under control, maintaining an icy exterior and yet still unleashed a dry and pointed wit on Umbridge.
However, before she could even draw her wand, Minerva was promptly hit with 4 Stunners in the chest, which required that she be moved from Hogwarts to St. Mungo's for treatment. Minerva did not return to Hogwarts until after the Battle of the
As the war continued, Minerva remained at Hogwarts, even when it was taken over by Voldemort, most likely to make sure little harm came to students and that the Order of the Phoenix was informed on what was going on at Hogwarts
Minerva was present when Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, and Ron Weasley returned to Hogwarts in the middle of the night in search of Rowena Ravenclaw's Diadem. With help from Harry and Luna Lovegood, she incapacitated the Carrow
Minerva McGongall was first described as a tall, rather severe-looking woman. She often wore emerald green robes, a pointed hat cocked to one side, and always had a very prim expression (although starting in the third movie, she began wearing black robes
Minerva was a fan of tartan print and would often wear it to Quidditch games along with a wooly hat covering her ears. McGonagall wore square spectacles that matched the markings around the eyes of her Animagus
According to JK Rowling, Minerva was a "sprightly" seventy-year-old, her hair was still black and never wasn't greying, even through the 1990s. Whether this was a result of magical enchantment or not is unknown. Magical Abilities and Skills
Expert Duelist: Minerva was an exceptional duellist, capable of holding her own against much younger and more agile Death Eaters, as seen in the Battle of the Lightning-Struck Tower. In 1998, during the Battle of Hogwarts she fiercely dueled Severus Snape, forcing him to
Patronus Charm: Minerva was skilled in the creation of a corporeal patronus which takes the form of a cat, identical to her animagus. She was the only person seen to cast three patronuses at once, though admittedly not in the presence of a Dementor
Minerva was usually very serious and stern, and was held in great respect (and some fear) by nearly all students. She tolerated neither talking nor silliness from her pupils. She turns cold towards people
Minerva was an avid Quidditch fan and had a great love for cats and tartan print pattern. Minerva McGonagall thought loyalty was very important and when she and Dolores Umbridge were in a fight, Umbridge claimed she had not been
When Harry arrived at Hogwarts, Minerva was pleased that he was sorted into Gryffindor, her house. When she saw Harry on a broomstick and what skill he had she left her office and went straight down to collect him
Minerva's devastation was clearly equal to Ron and Ginny Weasley's and Hermione Granger's when she saw Rubeus Hagrid carrying Harry's seemingly dead body, she screamed in horror, giving Harry goosebumps. She would even duel Voldemort himself in the final part of the battle,
Minerva took a shine to Hermione Granger, a student in her house right from her first lesson she had with her. During the lesson, Minerva gave Hermione one of her "rare smiles" when the girl successfully
Minerva was none the wiser. Also, when Hermione was attacked by the Basilisk in 1992, Minerva was greatly moved and would often take time to visit her in the Hospital wing whilst she was petrified.
During the Second Wizarding War when Minerva was attacked by several Death Eaters outside of Hagrid's Hut, Hermione showed deep emotion towards the event, like Minerva did a few years before when Hermione was attacked. Minerva was a role model for Hermione and both had much
Minerva had a long history with the Longbottom family, having served in the Order of the Phoenix with Neville's parents (who were eventually tortured into insanity by Bellatrix Lestrange). She also had a personal relationship with Neville's grandmother, who raised
to enter the common room, Minerva was furious with him. Minerva couldn't help but feel pity for Neville after the loss of both his parents, who she knew from the First Wizarding War and fought alongside earlier on in her career. She voiced pride in Neville's
Minerva and Sybill Trelawney were not the best of friends, and barely maintained civility between them. Minerva had no use for Sybill's subject, Divination, and she believed that Trelawney was a fraud. Despite her dislike for Trelawney and her teachings, however, Minerva
Sybill, Minerva was there as a shoulder to cry on for Sybill, literally, and she spoke out against Dolores and told her what she thought after the events. In many ways, Minerva's relationship with Sybill was similar to Hermione Granger's relationship with Luna
Minerva disliked Dolores right from the beginning when she invaded Hogwarts with her High Inquisitor position. She stood up to Dolores when no one else seemed to do anything, not even Dumbledore. Minerva did not approve of her methods of punishment and made sure that
on Minerva and had to spend time at St Mungo's, which provided Dolores with full control over Hogwarts. After Minerva's return to Hogwarts, Minerva did nothing to curb the students' enthusiasm when Peeves chased Dolores from Hogwarts, only
Minerva McGonagall: "Professor Dumbledore is a very great wizard, Potter, he has many demands on his time -" Harry Potter: "But this is important."
Minerva knew Albus Dumbledore for the majority of her life. She attended Hogwarts as a student during Dumbledore's time as Transfiguration Professor and even replaced him when he took the position of Headmaster of the school
Minerva had great faith in Dumbledore, placing great stock in the differences between him and Voldemort. However, she did not hesitate to disagree with him when she felt the need to do so. She
Minerva had no qualms displaying her loyalty to Dumbledore. When Cornelius Fudge brought Aurors to arrest Dumbledore in 1996, she boldly stepped forward and announced her intention to fight the Aurors on his behalf. She only stepped back at Dumbledore's insistance when
Minerva was devastated when Dumbledore was killed in 1997 during the Battle of the Lightning Struck Tower, and attended his funeral. A year later, when Harry Potter returned to Hogwarts on a mission given
Minerva is the Roman goddess of wisdom, a name suitable for Minerva's personality. McGonagall comes from the Scotsman William Topaz McGonagall, who is to be considered one of the worst poets in the
that Minerva was "getting on a bit". This is a bit odd, as Minerva would have been around ninety years old when Harry's children attended Hogwarts, and Dumbledore was 116 at the time of his
* When Tom Marvolo Riddle came to Hogwarts, Minerva was in her second year, though it is not stated if she knew him, although in the Harry Potter Lexicon Wizarding Through The Ages, it suggests
the Robert Abbey collection, the Minerva table lamp has a contemporary and edgy design. Features lead crystal with silver plate accents and a cafe-colored silk dupioni shade. Also has a full-range dimmer switch for easy lighting control
Minerva is a human and Autobot Headmaster Junior from the Super-God Masterforce portion of the Generation 1 continuity family.
Minerva (ミネルバ Mineruba) is the daughter of Mont Porte's ambassador to Japan, half-French on her mother's side, and a happy, charming, friendly, talented girl brimming with idealism and care for her fellow man
Minerva is enough to bring any Autobot out in a hot flush. English-Malay dub name: Nightbeat Russian TV dub name: Vetochka (Веточка, "Tree Branch") Contents
suggested that Minerva could join them in attending the International School, and she happily agreed. Kidnapping!? The Targeted Jumbo Jet Does this transtector make me look fat? Does this transtector make me look fat?
and the horrified Minerva was forced to team up with Cancer's little Decepticon buddy Browning to blind Sixknight with a smokescreen, allowing the Decepticon Juniors to escape. The Autobot Warrior, Sixknight?! Happy Tree Friends. Happy Tree Friends.
Minerva, the daughter of a French mother and a Japanese father, was chosen out of the Japanese Self Defense Core to be part of Project: Transtector. For a while she piloted a battle armor suit fashioned from Transformer scrap found around the globe, until the project ended
A second Minerva figurine was released in the fifth, Masterforce-centric act of the line 5 of the line, this time as an unarmored human in her school uniform. Only available packaged with the the
* According to her supplementary bio card, Minerva was 15 years old, making her the oldest Autobot Headmaster Junior. * Minerva's precise nationality is a bit ambiguous. Her mother is
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Q: Would Minerva Ohio be a good place to live, if I were taking a job in Canton Oh? 2 answers Q: I live in the Massillon/Canton Ohio area and was just wondering where the best place to get a loan from 4
Minerva, known also as Pallas Athena in Greek mythology, was a Roman... more » * Things to Do on Vacation in Minerva Ohio from UpTake Find ratings and reviews for the hotels in Minerva Ohio from over
Minerva Park is a village in Franklin County, Ohio, United States. The... more » * See more » SPONSORED DEALS Minerva Hotel Deals
Minerva SA is a Brazil-based company that is engaged in the food processing industry. It specializes in animal slaughtering, as well as in the production, sales and export of raw and processed beef and beef byproducts under the Minerva brand name
well as discussions with Minerva participants, the system is now recognized as a service of the Maine State Library and no longer a part of the "Maine InfoNet Project". "Minerva" can also be written as "Minerva". It is a statewide, shared integrated library system open to
56 Kbps of bandwidth always available for exclusive use by Minerva is the bare minimum. Performance and stability are much improved on connections with substantially greater available bandwidth. Functioning TCP/IP connections from each client computer to the wide
Check out all Minerva has to Offer!! * Attractions * Shopping * Organizations * Real Estate * History * Schools And Much More!!
Minerva: Our new middle school, under construction here, is now finished. Minerva: Bicentennial Park Minerva: Our Elementary School Minerva: Our New Library Submit your own pictures of this village and show them to the World
Minerva-area historical tornado activity is slightly below Ohio state average. It is 12% greater than the overall U.S. average. On 5/31/1985, a category 5 (max. wind speeds 261-318 mph) tornado 32.8 miles away from the Minerva village center killed 18 people and
Minerva Public Library is an independent library serving Carroll, Columbiana and Stark County Residents 677 Lynnwood Dr. · Minerva, Ohio 44657 · Phone (330) 868-4101 Fax (330)868-4267 Hours: Monday - Thursday: 9am - 8pm
Minerva consoles a girl whose dog has just been killed by the Destron Headmaster Jr.s She is not very happy about this Transformation sequence... "Masterforce!!! Head on!" Before... After... Ready for action! Head on! In
Minerva is one of the Cybertrons' (the Japanese name for the Autobots) Headmaster Juniors, three young teenagers who were recruited to help fight the Destrons (the Japanese name for the Decepticons) by Hawk
Minerva is the Cybertrons' medic; her Porsche 911 transtector (robot body/vehicle) is equipped as a sort of compact ambulance (the rear seat and trunk space seem to have been replaced by a small stretcher/medical equipment bay). She does not believe in violence,
If Minerva's robot form looks slightly familiar, this is because her toy was recolored and sold in America as the Headmaster Nightbeat. Masterforce Being Digitally Fansubbed! - All the Minerva fans out there can now take heart! At long last,
its founding, The MINERVA Center has been supported entirely by private contributions and sales of its books and journals. The Center is increasing its efforts to seek funds from foundations, institutions, and corporations.
Minerva, Ohio, in Stark county, is 15 miles E of Canton, Ohio (center to center) and 61 miles SE of Cleveland, Ohio. The people of the village are in the Canton - Massillon metropolitan area. Minerva has a population of 3,934.
In 2000, Minerva had a median family income of $39,669. Political Inclinations In the 2004 Presidential fund-raising sweepstakes, John Kerry came out ahead among Minerva residents, with $1,000. Residents gave more to the Republican party than any of the others
driving around Minerva is a bit easier than around other villages of its size. High Points Minerva strengths, compared to Peers (similar size places nationally) or State (other places in Ohio): Category
* Solutions — Minerva Associates has serviced a diverse portfolio which ranges from Fortune 500 companies to small distribution centers. AIMS is implemented globally with sites in Europe and Asia.
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On the map, the township of Minerva is covered with numerous small lakes, ponds and streams. The Hudson enters the township at the western corner where it is joined by the Indian River to form its southern border. Together they flow southeasterly until joined by the
The Minerva and Irishtown area Potash was a lucrative by-product of land clearing. Potash was used as an ingredient in soap and was used in England in the making of wool. The American Revolution destroyed the direct trade with England, but in Northern New York, potash was
In the Minerva and Irishtown area the last river drive was in 1950. Hardwoods had replaced soft in lumbering. For a time, hardwoods were harvested and made into rollers for mangles or heated rollers for ironing, and bowling pins. Both industries were short lived. In 1957,
The Minerva and Irishtown area is home to a number of children's summer camps, as well as sportsmen's' clubs. In 1931 and 1932, the town built a dam across Jones Brook creating an artificial lake, a beach and a playground