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* Lundy is at coordinates 51°10′N 4°40′W / 51.167°N 4.667°W / 51.167; -4.667Coordinates: 51°10′N 4°40′W / 51.167°N 4.667°W / 51.167; -4.667 Retrieved from ""Categories: Islands
A naval footnote in the history of Lundy was the wreck of the Royal Navy battleship HMS Montagu. Steaming in heavy fog, she ran hard aground near Shutter Rock on the island's southwest corner at about 2:00 a.m. on May 30, 1906. Thinking they were aground at Hartland
As an isolated island on major migration routes, Lundy has a rich bird life and is a popular site for birding. Large numbers of Black-legged Kittiwake (Rissa tridactyla) nest on the cliffs, as do Razorbill (Alca torda), Guillemot (Uria aalge), Herring Gull (Larus argentatus),
Entrance to Lundy is free for anyone arriving by scheduled transport. Visitors arriving by non-scheduled transport are charged a small entrance fee, currently (July 2007) £5.00, with an additional charge payable by those using light aircraft. Anyone arriving on Lundy by
Following the death of Harman's son Albion in 1968, Lundy was put up for sale in 1969. Jack Hayward, a British millionaire, purchased the island for £150,000 and gave it to the National Trust, who leased it to the Landmark Trust. The Landmark Trust has managed the
In a 2005 opinion poll of Radio Times readers, Lundy was named as Britain's tenth greatest natural wonder. The entire island has been designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest and it was England's first statutory Marine Nature Reserve, because of its unique flora and fauna
Lundy has 23 holiday properties to choose from sleeping between 1 and 14 people. These include a lighthouse, a castle and a Victorian mansion. Many of the buildings are constructed from the island's granite
Lundy has attracted many vagrant birds, particular species from North America. The island's bird list totals 317 species. This has included the following species, each of which represents the sole British record: Ancient Murrelet, Eastern Phoebe and Eastern Towhee.
Lundy has evidence of visitation or occupation from the Neolithic period onward, with Mesolithic flintwork, Bronze Age burial mounds, four inscribed gravestones from the early medieval period, and an early medieval monastery (possibly dedicated to St Elen or St Helen).
Lundy is home to a range of unusual mammals, almost all introduced, including a distinct breed of wild pony, the Lundy Pony. Until recently, Lundy and the Shiant Isles in the Hebrides were the only two
Lundy is located at 51°10′37.8876″N 4°39′57.96″W / 51.177191°N 4.6661°W / 51.177191; -4.6661 (51.177191, 4.6661). It is 3 miles (5 km) long from north to south by 1 mile (1.6 km) wide, with an area of 2 square miles (5.2 km2)
Lundy is the largest island in the Bristol Channel, lying 12 miles (19 km) off the coast of Devon, England, approximately one third of the distance across the channel between England and Wales. Lundy gives its
Lundy was granted to the Knights Templar by Henry II in 1160. The Templars were a major international maritime force at this time, with interests in North Devon, and almost certainly an important port at Bideford or on the River Taw in Barnstaple
The name Lundy is believed to come from the old Norse word for "puffin island," however an alternative explanation has been suggested with Lund referring to a copse, or wooded area. According to genealogist
Until 2006 the Lundy Cabbage was thought to support two endemic species of beetle. The beetles are now known not to be unique to Lundy, but an endemic weevil, the Lundy cabbage flea beetle, (Psylliodes luridipennis) has been discovered. The island is also home to the
when the North and South Lundy lighthouses were built. Millcombe House William Hudson Heaven purchased Lundy in 1834, as a summer retreat and for the shooting, at a cost of 9,400 guineas (£9,870). He claimed it
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Lundy is an island 3 miles long and 1/2 mile wide in the south west of the United Kingdom, where the Bristol Channel meets the Atlantic Ocean. Map. The island is owned by the National Trust and run by the Landmark
example of how firmly the family believed that Major Lundy was dead. Albro III ordered his own set of documents and while examining them found a mention of thumbprints buried in the bottom of the transcription. It was difficult for him to understand why this wasn't
In the Lundy case, the family has been deliberately lied to. Major Lundy's file tampered with, all evidence including the live-sightings and fingerprints have not been pursued and the photo has been erroneously slandered by the government. The Lundy family feels the
Johanna Lundy was told by reporters over the phone that the analysis indicated that remains of her husband and his identification card had been found. The fact that the government would even have printed this
Lundy is a fighter pilot but his military record shows far more. Prior to his assignment to Southeast Asia, he had taught German Luftwaffe pilots how to fly America's best planes. Upon return from his tour in
Major Lundy announced that he was leaving the airplane and the observers watched an apparently normal chute deployment. One observer reported seeing someone in the chute initially, while other observers reported that no one was in the parachute as it neared the ground.
Major Lundy was awarded the Silver Star, two Distinguished Flying Crosses, the Air Force Air Medal and six Air Force Commendation Medals, (Fourth through Ninth Oak Leaf Clusters.) Facts of Loss Incident
Major Lundy was declared MIA, survivability rated as Category 1 (indicating out of aircraft at time of crash-Attachment 1). Two days later Major Lundy was declared KIA/BNR. There is no clear explanation given as to why he was declared KIA
Major Lundy's eldest son, Albro III, had always wanted to speak to the wingman who watched his father go down and in 1985 he submitted a FOIA Request for his father's file and the names of the witnesses to his crash
Major Lundy's family accepted the KIA/BNR designation despite the mysteries surrounding the crash. The Lundy family went on with their life. Johanna Lundy went to law school, became an attorney and raised six children on her own
On June 27, Lundy was called by the Air Force Liaison with a second-hand live sighting of his father, still reportedly held with Robertson and Stevens, that was received in January 1991 by DIA. AS OF SEPTEMBER, 1991, THE DIA HAS NOT INVESTIGATED THIS LIVE SIGHTING
Particularly with Major Lundy there is an UNMISTAKABLE CORRELATION of Major Lundy's features in his young photos to his aged image in the Robertson/Lundy/Stevens photo. Pentagon Treatment of Photo
Robertson, Stevens, and Lundy families all met together for the first time. When all three families questioned Pentagon officials during the League of Family Conference July 11-14, they all said they had never seen the photo before. Because of the families' definite
Robertson/Lundy/Stevens photo has never been found in Soviet magazine nor has it been proven to be a "fake" or a "hoax". The Pentagon's official response to the families is that the families'
Robertson/Lundy/Stevens photo was leaked to the media, the government immediately said that there were four witnesses to the "death" of Major Lundy. (Attachment 4) WHY DID THE GOVERNMENT LIE TO THE FAMILY WHEN THEY KNEW THERE WERE
stating that Major Lundy was supposedly held with Robertson and Stevens (Attachment 6). Gladys requested the Lundy family address, however, the government would not release this information. The fact that private individuals had to bring these families together is not
summer of 1981 and said he had information that Major Lundy was still alive, the family said they were not interested in his information because Major Lundy was dead. Barnes approached the family because he saw Albro Lundy III's name in a visitor's book and recognized the unique name.
the Lundy family is still conducting investigation. As further factual evidence surfaces, the Lundy family will submit the details for the Senate to investigate. In March of 1970 at the age of 37, Major Albro L. Lundy, Jr. said
thereafter, the Lundy family was given but a fraction of the above information. For instance, both the telegram and official condolence letter from the Commander of the 56th Special Operations Wing, Col. E.J. Walsh, specifically indicated that Major Lundy did not leave the
1817, Lundy found that he could write effectively. Henceforth, antislavery journalism became his primary interest. Witnessing slavery firsthand in Missouri in 1819, Lundy realized that economic and political pressures, not just moral attack, would be needed to eliminate slavery
Benjamin Lundy (January 4, 1789 – August 22, 1839) was an American Quaker abolitionist who established several anti-slavery newspapers and worked for many others. He traveled widely seeking to limit the expansion of slavery, and in seeking to establish a colony to which
Benjamin Lundy was born into a New Jersey Quaker family on Jan. 4, 1789. Although he had little formal education, he acquired the traits of activism and concern for oppressed people. At the age of 19 he moved to Wheeling, Va
Lundy was born in Hardwick, Sussex County, New Jersey. Once he turned nineteen, he moved to Wheeling, Virginia, and spent the first eighteen months working as a saddlemaker's apprentice. After his apprenticeship, he married Esther Lewis. Four years later, he moved to
Lundy's achievements were acclaimed by both white and black reformers. He died in Illinois on Aug. 22, 1839. Further Reading The Life, Travels and Opinions of Benjamin Lundy (1847), compiled from
several particularly inflammatory editions while Lundy was absent in Mexico, still seeking a location for his colony for ex-slaves. (In 1831, Mexico included areas which are now in the States of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, and Nevada). Garrison was imprisoned, and
the Genius, and both Lundy and Garrison were sued and physically attacked. Garrison left to found his own journal, the Liberator, and replaced Lundy as the leading voice of abolitionism in the 1830s. The Genius ceased publication in 1839.
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"In a world of pretenders, Carmen Lundy is a genuine Jazz Singer" - - The Evening Standard CARMEN LUNDY confirms once again that she is a true original in the world of Jazz singing and composition. Her latest release
Carmen Lundy is also a gifted artist whose paintings (mostly oil on canvas) have been exhibited in New York at The Jazz Gallery (Soho), The Jazz Bakery and the Madrid Theater in Los Angeles. Examples of her
Carmen Lundy is also a painter in oils on canvas , and her works have been exhibited in New York at The Jazz Gallery in Soho, at The Jazz Bakery in Los Angeles, and at a month-long exhibition at the Madrid
Carmen Lundy's work as a vocalist and composer has been critically acclaimed by The New York Times, The Village Voice, The Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post, as well as numerous foreign publications. As a composer, Ms. Lundy's catalogue numbers over sixty published
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(it contains a small exhibition on various aspects of Lundy and is used for slide shows about the wildlife by the Warden). Both flagpoles now fly the English flag (St George's Cross). Other flags can appear. From time to time a priest visits the island
flag of Lundy (it is never flown on the island) but as a shipping house flag (if an organisation with one ship can be called a shipping house). This flag was introduced in about June 2000 when the funnel of the Oldenburg was repainted
In 1917 Lundy was bought by Augustus Langham Christie. Christie sold Lundy in 1925 to Martin Coles Harman, which is where the really interesting vexillological history starts. The Harman Period
It has been said that the legal status of Lundy was for a long period ill-defined. An impression persists that Lundy is somehow 'separate', fuelled by reports referring to islanders passing through customs on visiting the mainland, and a newspaper article which mentioned that
Lundy has been a detached part of the county of Devon. It has never had any degree of autonomy or separate administrative status over and above that given by English Common Law to land-owners to control and defend their land
Lundy is a small island 11 miles (18km) off the coast of North Devon in the south-west of England. It is only 3 miles (5 km) long and not much more than half a mile (1 km) wide, but it has a long and varied
significant, though the puffin which gave Lundy its name is now greatly reduced in numbers. There is a plant unique to Lundy, the Lundy Cabbage (a member of the cabbage family but not looking anything like the cabbage in your kitchen), which itself has a unique beetle
The history of Lundy was extensively researched and documented by Tony and Myrtle Langham, starting in the 1950s. Following Tony Langham's death, Myrtle Ternstrom, as she now is, has continued researching and publishing. The information which I am presenting here is derived
This is typical of the (romantic) belief that Lundy is some sort of Utopia or Shangri La where normal laws do not apply. The 'customs' statement has never been true, and (although I would defer here to the lawyers) the 'territorial waters' argument seems to be misconceived -
which Lundy is served. People visit for many reasons, but a major one is the wildlife, and the waters surrounding Lundy were designated the first Marine Nature Reserve in the U.K. On land, apart from the farm
who firmly believed that Lundy was 'a self-governing dominion of the British Empire recognising King George as its head' . He printed Lundy stamps and issued Lundy coins with his own head on them. This led to a court case in 1931 which Harman lost
Lundy's Lane would cement this newly- found respect. At Chippawa, 1300 American troops beat a larger British force by combining their renowned tenacity with a heavy dose of military discipline, which was the real victory. Strategically, they gained little
The May Lundy mine was organized in 1879 after promising gold discoveries. Lundy was a thriving town in its day with all the expected establishments; saloons, boarding houses, hotels and even a Chinatown. Avalanches were a known threat and were responsible for
town of Lundy can be found at the west end of Lundy Lake and extensive ruins and mining equipment can be found by Onieta Lake. The surrounding hillside are covered with smaller mines and ruins. Submitted by: Cat Evans
Carmen Lundy is a uniquely talented and progressive singer who is also a composer (writing a good portion of her repertoire), producer, actress, and painter. She was born November 1, 1954, in Miami,
Ms Lundy has achieved much success a songwriter and composer. Among other artists who have used her songs, Kenny Barron has recorded such tunes as Quiet Times and the group Straight Ahead recorded Never Gonna
In addition to his four books, Lundy has written many articles regarding trauma and abuse, healing, and social change, most of which are available for download on this website free of charge. * Weekend Retreats
Lundy Bancroft is an author, workshop leader, and activist on trauma, abuse, and healing. He offers dramatically new ways to understand the emotional injuries we suffer, their lasting effects, and how best to get ourselves free
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Emmett Lundy was born in Grayson County, Virginia on May 9, 1864, one of nine children of Churchwell and Caroline Ward Lundy. From family records, we know that the Lundys emigrated from England in 1687, settling first on Pennsylvania lands purchased from William Penn
Lundy had to work awfully hard for his "lessons", and only by constantly hanging around could he actually "catch" many of Leonard's fiddle tunes. It's a safe guess that most of were learned directly from Green Leonard's playing,
Lundy remembers that the Lundy household was pretty excited about Emmett's trip and his opportunity to make phonograph records. On May 27, Stoneman and Lundy recorded two harmonica-fiddle duets: "Piney Woods Gal" and "The Long Eared Mule", issued as Okeh 40405. It seems
many fiddle tunings, Lundy felt, was essentially "cheating". TOP OF PAGE - DISCOGRAPHY Sadly, there are no commercial recordings available of Emmett Lundy at this time
may have been fiddlers in the Lundy family, but no one knows for sure. It's not really important to this story, for young Emmett's main musical influence came from outside his home. In his late teens, Lundy started the fiddle (the main instrument found here at this time), and
recordings with Stoneman, Lundy was 61 years old and firmly established in the older Grayson County fiddle tradition which he inherited from Green Leonard... ...From the tune list and by talking with many people who knew him, we
to Lundy, Leonard was about "65 to 80" during the time he knew him, a period roughly datable to the 1880s and '90s. These could be assumed to be Lundy's learning years, though it appears from the interview
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According to the Air Force, Major Lundy was "probably out of the aircraft at the time", and resolution of this incident was "probable" because the incident occurred within five kilometers of a settlement and the terrain allowed reasonable access and enemy personnel were
Albro Lundy III has made four trips from California to the Pentagon to see his father's file and has been denied access each time. On July 15, 1991, the photo was given to the Vietnamese Government along with the
Albro Lundy III, 32, is also a lawyer. He was ten when his father left for Vietnam. In July of 1991, a photo surfaced showing three men believed to be American Prisoners of War in captivity. The Lundy family positively
During the flight, Major Lundy reported there were mechanical problems with his aircraft. He radioed "I've got a rough engine... it's backfiring." He radioed to the other members of the flight "I've got to get out now." Immediately thereafter, the other members of the
Lundy said he hopes this leads to finding the truth not only on his father's case but the many other POW/MIA cases that are unresolved as well. Los Angeles Daily News
Major Lundy was awarded the Silver Star, two distinguished Flying Crosses, the Air Force Medal and six Air Force Commendation Medals, (Fourth through Ninth Oak Leaf Cluster.) On December 24 1970, Major Albro Lundy, Junior volunteered for a
Major Lundy was declared category 1 MIA originally, and then two days later Major Lundy was declared "dead- body not recovered" on December 26, 1970. The Lundy family was told, in both the telegram and official
on Albro Lundy Junior that they have been denied access to. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE LUNDY FAMILY RESPONDS TO REMAINS SENT FROM LAOS October 30, 1997 CONTACT: ALBRO LUNDY III W (310)376-9893 H (310)378-4494
reported that Major Lundy was in the chute when it first opened. The chute was watched until it impacted the ground in the area of approximately 4.5 kilometers east of Ban Hai, Xiangkhoang Province, Laos
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"The head shape is exactly the same," Lundy's son Albro III said in a news conference in July 1991. "Look at the ear placements," he said, holding up another picture taken of his father more than 20 years before. "Look at the hair line, look at the cowlick, look at the
Albro Lundy III says his family will not accept the remains as those of his father until they have been verified by qualified forensic experts. He wants to know how the Lao government obtained his father's ID information and remains
Kathy Lundy, the daughter-in-law of Major Lundy, said the Pentagon's copy of the magazine and conclusion "raises more questions." She said that quick research done on behalf of the families by contacts in Moscow found that Soviet Union magazine was published in 22 languages
of Lundy, who was lost over northeastern Laos December 24, 1970. Lundy was flying an A1E aircraft on a medical evacuation escort mission over a heavily defended communist controlled valley in Laos when he began having mechanical problems.
Others report that Lundy was in fact in the harness after the chute opened. Aircraft circled the crash site which was located within five kilometers of a village for 30 minutes but found no signs of Lundy or
Red Lao Claim To Have Returned MIA Lundy's Remains = Where Were His Remains Found? When Were They Found? When Did He Die, And What Killed Him?
The Lundy family was contacted by ADI. After being shown the photograph, the family positively identified Albro Lundy as one of the men in the photo. "The head shape is exactly the same," Lundy's son Albro III said in a
The Lundy family was further astonished when they discovered that over the years the U.S. government had received at least 20 reports describing Lundy as alive and still in captivity. The family had only been told of two of the sightings.
wife Jonna Lundy began rebuilding her life and doing what was necessary to raise their six children. She pursued a law degree by attending night classes. She never remarried. One son, Albro Lundy III, is also a lawyer. He was 10 when his father left for the war that