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If I had such a tire, this face of mine Were full as lovely as is this of hers. -Shak. 2. Lovable; amiable; having qualities of any kind which excite, or are fitted to excite, love or friendship. A most lovely gentlemanlike man. -Shak. 3. Loving; tender
Lovely, so it remains the territory of the UK under international law. 2. A National Holiday (Lovely Day) is celebrated on 2 September The Kingdom of Lovely is a partly Internet-based micronation which
for Lovely at the United Nations, which was established to be the true mark of statehood. These efforts were unsuccessful, largely because of Lovely's lack of independent territory; Wallace's own flat being within the UK.
Lovely could not enter the Contest as it has no national television or radio station of its own and therefore could not join the European Broadcasting Union (EBU). Wallace then submitted his song to the BBC (which is an EBU member which supports the UK entry to the contest),
Lovely's flag, coat of arms and motto were designed by London-based design studio Pentagram. The pixellated coat of arms is intended to reflect the internet-based nature of the micronation, as did the studio's final flag, a pixellated Union Flag. Wallace, however,
On 16 January 2006, the first ever Lovely Grand Prix was held using Scalextric slot cars. The first race was won by Francisco Rodriguez. Education - The University of Lovely was the country's first officially recognised educational facility
The Lovely Football Association or LFA is a Football Organisation set up in September 2005 for the micronation of Lovely. On 26 November 2005, the first league match was played in Bristol where Danvers Athletic beat Mangotsfield FC 5-0. The LFA had died but was revived on
The official territory of Lovely is Wallace's flat in London, at Bow Quarter, on Fairfield Road, but citizens of Lovely are invited to declare a room, or some other building or land belonging to them, to
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