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The Kingdom of Elleore is a micronation located on the island of Elleore in the Roskilde Fjord, on the east coast of Denmark. The island was purchased by a group of Copenhagen schoolteachers in 1944 for use as a summer camp
early Nordisk Film, Løvejagten på Elleore was shot, in 1907. Numerous traditions peculiar to the kingdom have evolved over the subsequent decades, including a ban on the novel Robinson Crusoe, and the use of "Elleore Standard Time", which is 12 minutes behind Danish time
Elleore is unoccupied save for a week-long annual gathering attended by dozens of "citizens" and known as the "Elleuge" (meaning Elle-week). The ceremonial enthronement of the reigning monarch takes place at this time.
on Elleore was prescient, the lion being a standard of regalia. For in 1944, right under the noses of the German occupiers, a group of Copenhagen schoolteachers acquired Elleore for use as a summer retreat, and proclaimed its independence.
Like the sleeping beauty of the fairytale, Elleore remains dormant for most of the year, only waking for Elleuge (‘Elle-week'), when its ‘citizens' travel to the island** to crown the reigning monarch (currently Leo, the third of that name and the sixth since Erik, who
Finally! The Elleore map was long overdue. I have tried to figure out the double meaning of its geographical names for ages. And I had some help from leading Elleore citizens.
a link provided by the kind Elleoreens (or is that Elleorians?): http://elleore.diskos.dk/side.asp?kat=131 I like the bit about “Robinson Crusoe” and sardines being banned,
That film, Lion Hunt on Elleore, is not on imdb. Any more info on that please? Comment by jon — August 12, 2008 @ 12:18 am 16.
From Elleore personalities I was given a few such explanations: Østre/Vestre Krune, Orstrømmen, Andys Hug and Søderberget All these are references to emminent Elleorian citiziens of different eras.
The Kingdom of Elleore was established in 1944 when a group of schoolteachers purchased the small island of Elleore in the firth of Roskilde, for use as a summer camp, and then proclaimed its independence from Denmark.
Kingdom of Elleore, who is known as "His Grace the Archduke of Nør Len". The Danish inscription on this coin translates as "Father of the Kingdom, Our Beloved". The Archduke was the brother of Leo II, but never reigned as king himself.
The Kingdom of Elleore is uninhabited except for the one week of the year that all of its citizens gather to elect new royalty (or vote to keep the same ones in place). It’s actually an island located on the east coast of Denmark
Danish island of Elleore was taken over in 1944 by a group calling themselves the Immortals. Apparently it's not too tricky to declare yourself king or queen of your own island, especially if you do it with a sense of humor and low expectations.
The Kingdom of Elleore is the oldest modern-day micronation, having been founded by a group of Danish schoolteachers (known as the ‘Immortals’) on the uninhabited island of Elleore in 1944. Later, when the Immortals delved into the history of the island, they discovered
These days Elleore is uninhabited for all but one week a year, when the king and queen invite their devoted citizenry to the island to celebrate the Kingdom – and whatever it stands for.
The climate of Elleore is similar to the Danish climate. Winter temperatures can reach 0°C; spring temperatures average 10–15°C; summer 20–25°C; and autumn 5–10°C. Geography & Wildlife Elleore’s shape is approximately triangular, with each side of the
Elleore’s history is complex and exists in parallel forms. First, the pre-history: in 6th-century Ireland, Saint Fintan of Doon founded Clonenagh Monastery. When Fintan died in 603, the monastery continued to operate under his guiding principles. In the 10th
island’), and the name ‘Elleore’ was subsequently coined from ‘elie ore’ (’golden island’). The exiles set about building a new monastery, Krune, which was inhabited for a further 600 years. There were more than a few notable
ruins, Oscar, Elleore’s last abbot, said that the Kingdom would again rise from the ashes, some time in the distant future… Until then, the surviving monks and nuns had no choice but to go to Denmark and marry into the Danish race.
the Kingdom of Elleore was born. Amazingly the Immortals had no prior knowledge of Elleore’s settlement by the disciples of Saint Fintan. It was only later when they began to research Elleore’s history that they
For most of the year Elleore is uninhabited – except for one week in summer, when hordes of Elleorians descend on the island for Elleorian Week. As the Elleorians love to say, they are simply returning to their island after ‘a 51-week holiday abroad’
Elleore’s entire population is also enrolled in the Air, Land and Maritime Forces, enabling a ‘300% level of military preparedness’ (so they say). Finally, it’s forbidden to take the book Robinson Crusoe onto Elleore,
At any other time Elleore is private property. You might try asking for an appointment to visit, but this is rarely granted to non-Elleorians. If you just want to take a look at the Kingdom, try the Sagafjord boat (www.sagafjord.dk; adult/child DKK89/39), which
schoolteachers, the Kingdom of Elleore is one of the oldest surviving micronations of the modern era. The official website is in Danish. Kingdom of Romkerhall - This unusual German micronation operates out of a tourist hotel near Hamburg, and has minted several coins since
* Elleore: On the east coast of Denmark, this island has its own stamps, coins, and time zone — 12 minutes ahead of Danish clocks. * The Kingdom of Lovely: Actually a flat in London, it was
Elleore is a kingdom and on the throne sits Queen Leodora I. She has a cabinet helping her govern the country. Elleore is an island situated deep in the firth of Roskilde. It takes 17 minutes by