The president of the BjornSocialist Republic is Oskar Augustsson, and he is a Marxist and a follower of Bjorn. He is originally from Scania. Augustsson is a part of the The Bjorn Movement. Augustsson wrote the Republic's laws himself, plus the Declaration of Independence. The
BjornSocialist Republic) were striked as "frivolous". The Appeals Court has given Chambers until the February 24 to show that he has notified DeCamp and Augustsson of his brief. He did so. The Nebraska Court of Appeals dismissed the appeal and vacated the order
made in the BjornSocialist Republic and is according to the local laws not protected by copyright, and is thus in the public domain. This applies worldwide. Is it a joke? * Image:Öskar.jpg * Image:Kräftklor.jpg
the BjornSocialist Republic is a micronation, based in Sweden, founded in August 2005. The proclaimed state, which territory is a tractor-shaped rock in Scania, is, according to its self proclaimed state administration, politically based upon 'the Bjorn principles and