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A personal friend of Roman Abramovich, on 8 July 2007 Avram Grant was appointed Director of Football at Chelsea FC. After the departure of José Mourinho from Chelsea on 20 September 2007, Grant was assigned the manager's role, with Steve Clarke, and later Henk ten Cate (on 11
Signature of Avram Davidson(1923-1993) was author of nineteen published novels and more than two hundred short stories and essays collected in more than a dozen books, won the Hugo Award in science fiction, the Queen's Award and Edgar Award in the mystery genre, and
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BenAvram Book is being printed - first edition February 2009 I was born in Bombay in 1941 and immigrated to Israel in 1956 andstudied in Bezalel Academy of Art in Jerusalem and trained under
Currently Ben Avram lives in Jerusalem and his artworks are shown at the Blue and White Art Gallery in the Old City. Ben Avram also chose the Blue and White Art Gallery to be the sole distributor of his Judaica artworks.
Ben Avram was born in Bombay in 1941 and immigrated to Israel in 1956. He studied in Bezalel Academy of Art in Jerusalem and trained under the top Israeli Art professors Jossi Stern and Jona Mach.
chosen to study under the famous Israeli artist Avram Ofek who was his patron. Ben Avram set up his first studio in Meah She'arim in Jerusalem in 1964. The mixture of the surrounding ultra orthodox environment together with Ben Avram's secular approach created the most amazing
Avram HershkoI was born on December 31, 1937, in Karcag, Hungary. Karcag is a small town of around 25,000 inhabitants, about 150 kilometers east of Budapest. It had a Jewish community of nearly one thousand people
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The Grand Duchy of Avram is one of several self-declared Australian micro-nations; based in Tasmania and founded on October 1, 1980 by Prince John, the Grand Duke of Avram. Prince John's 1981 doctoral thesis for Business Administration and Civil Law was entitled 'How to
that Avram's coins were not illegal in the Commonwealth and dismissed all 6 cases at a cost of approximately 22 million to the taxpayers (compared to the Grand Duke's total cost of $175, and apart from the
Chris Avram is the imediate past Associate Dean (Graduate Studies) in the Faculty of Information Technology of Monash University in Australia and currently chairs the Graduate Studies committee of the Faculty Education Committee. He is a senior lecturer in computer
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Henriette Davidson Avram (October 7, 1919 - April 22, 2006) was a computer programmer and systems analyst who developed the MARC format (Machine Readable Cataloging), which is the national and international data standard for bibliographic and holdings information in libraries.
Herbert Mois Avram, who was enlisted in the U. S. Navy. By the end of World War II Herbert Avram was a decorated Lieutenant Commander who had been assigned to both the Atlantic and Pacific Theaters. He was
in New York until 1951, when Herbert Avram took a job with the National Security Agency in Washington, D.C. Herbert Avram would also work for the CIA, eventually becoming a pioneer in the digital court reporting industry, which developed closed captions for television.
programming, but it was at Datatrol that Avram had her first professional experience with libraries. Asked to design a computer science library, she quickly read several library science textbooks in order to learn the appropriate jargon. She also hired a librarian to
Avram was introduced to the Library of Congress Card Division Service. She also did consulting work with Frederick Kilgour, father of the Online Computer Library Center, on OCLC's first attempt at computerizing bibliographic information, a task which Avram called,
The rest, as Avram herself put it, is history. Library of Congress - Avram, considered a 'librarian by achievement' by the American Library Association (ALA), owed much to the Library of Congress, about which
times answering all my questions, and I had many,' Avram said of this experience. Her task was not an easy one: a separate mathematical algorithm would be needed for each piece of information, and there were millions of items in the catalog, in hundreds of different languages
By 1980 Avram was directing a staff of seven hundred in the Processing Department of LC. In her position as the first Director for Processing Systems, Networks and Automation Planning, she was responsible for networking, automation activities, and bibliographic products and services
LC in 1992, Avram was the Associate Librarian for Collections Services. Her staff of seventeen hundred was responsible for acquisitions, cataloging, preservation, collection development, overseas operations, network and automation planning, and processing and servicing special format materials.
* Henriette Avram Receives Honorary Life Membership at LC Information Bulletin * Obituary at New York Times * Listing of items either authored or edited by Henriette Avram and
Avram Davidson has never been entirely at home in the genre and has largely forsaken it for fantasy and mystery writing. Even his science-fiction stories have seldom emphasized... Encyclopedia and Summary Information summary from source:
Avram Davidson (April 23, 1923 – May 8, 1993) was an American Jewish writer of fantasy fiction, science fiction, and crime fiction, as well as the author of many stories that do not fit into a genre niche. He won a Hugo Award and was three time winner...
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Former Israeli CID chief Avram Cohen is an expert on survival. He persevered against Hitler and his concentration camps. He survived the war that established the Jewish State. However, Avram has doubts that he will endure his forced retirement in spite of his wealth and his
computer, Avram writes his memoirs, which is published. Avram enjoys his privacy and prefers not to reveal his inner self. He quickly realizes that marketing a best seller is not for him. However, he inadvertently draws attention to himself when a woman is found dead
Avram Cohen, who has tasted all the evil man can inflict on his fellow men, is one of the most complex figures in a police procedural. The mystery is well written and brilliantly executed. However, it is the
It may be that Avram Davidson never realized that he was too brilliant in too many ways to be popular : too wickedly satiric, too erudite, too speculative, too well written, too intimately familiar with about fifteen different cultures. . . . He was unclassifiable, and a genius.
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deeply fulfilling treasury because Avram Davidson was "only" a science fiction author. He's been compared to Rudyard Kipling, Saki, John Collier, and G.K. Chesterton, if you need a literary excuse. And to the science fiction or fantasy fan: This amazing and creative
one is chosen and introduced by another writer - Avram was evidently an author's author. While I probably would have made a few different choices, I was grateful to be able to experience many excellent works that I had never seen before. Chances are, even if you're an old
of the computer age, Avram joined the Library of Congress in 1965. With no background in library work, she was assigned to develop an automated cataloging format where none had existed. Combining two complex fields, computer programming and intricate
Despite not having studied library science, Avram was charged with devising a way to compile and disseminate bibliographic records by computer, then an unknown quantity in library work. "She was stepping in from the cold and came up with a prototype," Wiggins said
"Henriette Avram transformed libraries in the age of automation," said Deanna Marcum, associate librarian for library services, in an e-mail. "Joining the Library of Congress at a time when information technology and librarianship had hardly begun to intersect, she immediately saw
Henriette Davidson Avram was born in New York City on Oct. 7, 1919. She had early ambitions of being a doctor and was a pre-med student at Hunter College in New York for two years in the 1930s.