Jump to: navigation, searchAramoana is located in New Zealand AramoanaAramoana Aramoana, also known as "The Spit" to locals, is a small coastal settlement, 27 kilometres north of Dunedin city, in the South Island of New Zealand
In the late 1970s Aramoana was proposed as the site of a major aluminium smelter by a consortium of New Zealand-based Fletcher-Challenge, Australia's CSR Limited and Swiss firm Alusuisse. The stamps issued in 1981 by Aramoana to raise funds for the anti-smelter campaign
Aramoana was deliberately set alight and burnt to the ground. The Port Chalmers Fire Brigade attended and doused surrounding vegetation to prevent the fire spreading; around fifty residents watched it burn. Gray's relatives asked any investigation of arson be stopped, when
was not Aramoana, and if they were to see the movie beforehand. Music The Mutton Birds refer obliquely to the Aramoana massacre in the song A Thing Well Made on their self-titled debut album. The song is
Aramoana is a tiny settlement (home to 260 people) on the mouth of the Otago Harbour - about 20 minutes drive from my flat in Dunedin. In New Zealand the settlement's name is almost completely synonymous with a
The Aramoana tragedy was unlike anything we had ever experienced in our own country and I imagine the settlement of Aramoana will be associated with the events of that day for a long while yet. It would
The other biological extravaganza at Aramoana comes in the form of the 1.2 km long man-made break water that just in the ocean (protecting the harbour from storms and the like. As well as making a permanent
I love the images of the Aramoana area you said you would send me! Check out http://irisarchives.blogspot.com/ Anonymous Archivist, at 11:36 AM, July 08, 2006 Your photos are lovely! A woman who is both clever and beautiful, how very lucky you are :)
down, the toll on Aramoana was high: 13 people, including four children, lost their lives on that day. And it is to them, and to the survivors, that Out of the Blue is dedicated.
Aramoana was a place I felt passionately about, a place that I had meaningful personal connection to. For me it was a site where a part of "Eden fell"; where we first cooked baked beans over an open fire,
Aramoana was a place I knew well, a place where in the late 1960s I learnt to surf in a fun- filled adolescence, a place where the chill of the south wind coaxed the sun-sparkled swells with a whispering
As with Aramoana, the Clutha river was also a place of family nostalgia, a place belonged to Cromwell, at the meeting of the Clutha and Kawarau rivers was a place where as a family we had holidayed for
Eventually, the protest against the smelter at Aramoana was successful, the proposal became less an less viable and eventually disintegrated, leaving the environment intact. However, the dam proposal was one project that despite logic, cost over-runs, earthquake fault lines under the foundation, re-roading problems,
the aramoana murders and the secound portion the nz pastport is part of the first beast of revelation 13 the words ( jesus is returning soon and he is doing it throught me)
the aramoana murders and the secound portion , thank you.AN INTRODUCTION TO MY LIFE First to talk about this second portion when i received this second portion later on on that same night, David grey who was liveing in aramoana
Aramoana, New Zealand, had me on the edge of my seat. The basic gist of the story: One day, seemingly out of nowhere, David Gray, who was born and raised in Aramoana and had known the people
Sarkies, who grew up in a town near Aramoana and was there at the time of the massacre, was directed with great care to be respectful to the victims and the surviving residents of Aramoana; at the same time it's tense and engaging, and well worth catching in a theater
1990 served to put Aramoana onto the map and Aramoana has since become a word that will always be associated in infamy with the David Gray shootings. Out of the Blue joins a swathe of true-life crime films that have come
Aramoana the first Wright Pilot Boat built for export follows on from a fleet of all weather purpose-built vessels servicing the busy commercial shipping ports on both the east and west coast of Australia.
Residents of Aramoana have met to commemorate the 15th anniversary of the 23 hour siege which saw 13 people killed in the Otago harbour settlement by lone gunman, David Gray. The siege ended when Gray himself was shot dead by police.