A half kilometer (about 1/4 mile) north of Akhzivland is Yad Le-Yad Hostel, P.O. Box 169, Nahariya (Phone 04/982-3345), offers beds arranged in two-, four-, and six-bed rooms for $24 per person, plus 21 rustic beach shelter/bungalows housing four people for $17 per person.
* Akhzivland is a self-declared and officially tolerated "independent republic" established by Israeli hippy and former sailor Eli Avivi on the Mediterranean beach at Akhziv in Israel.
Akhzivland was first settled by President and sole permanent resident Eli Avivi in the early 1950’s. In 1970, lacking any legitimate claim to the territory, Eli Avivi declared Akhzivland an independent nation,
Currently, Akhzivland is looking to increase its volume of overseas tourism, so if you’re planning a trip to Israel why not make a brief stopover in Akhzivland? Akhzivland can be reached on Route 4, 2.4 miles north of Nahariya.
Since its creation, Akhzivland has become somewhat of a cultural phenomenon in Israel. Its beautiful surroundings have led to an influx of both Israeli and foreign tourists. Israeli rock bands frequently hold concerts in the tiny nation. To accommodate Akhzivlands visitors
"independence" of Akhzivland, which is just north of the park boundary. The ramshackle building that is Akhzivland's main structure houses Mr. Avivi's living quarters and his personal museum of artifacts found on and near Akhzivland. You can visit the museum for a
Akhzivland is located on Route 4, 2.5 miles (4 km) north of Nahariya on Israel’s northern coastline. Rooms are available at US$ 34 a night with camping space at US$ 18 a night. Israel Ministry of Tourism www.goisrael.com
Akhzivland is still very popular with Israelis and as tourism to the country begins to recover, Avivi is hoping for more overseas visitors in the future. His home is also used as a model shoot. Arab couples,