The Aerican Empire is an imaginative micronation founded in May 1987, which has no sovereign territory of its own and has never been recognized by any sovereign state as existing. Contents -
The Aerican Empire was founded on 8 May 1987 by Eric Lis, the current Emperor, and a core group of friends. The first ten years of the Empire's history were filled with wars, including battles with rival micronations
The Aerican Empire is a parliamentary democracy. The primary elected body is known as the Senate, and is composed of seventeen individuals, two representatives from each area of the Empire as well as the head of state, the Emperor
The Aerican Empire has never printed these documents on the grounds that they would be a waste of money until such time as another government recognized their validity. A downloadable "novelty passport" and ID card do exist, however and the first issued
The culture of the Aerican Empire has grown from the starting principle that it attracted individuals with strong senses of humour and a love of science fiction, fantasy, and games. As a result, modern Imperial culture is filled with references to Star Wars and The
Aerican Empire's official gaming club (AEGIS) is associated with seven universities worldwide and has sponsored/funded/supported an annual gaming day on December 29 since 2003. AEGIS has funded the creation of several Aerican Empire-themed Warhammer 40K armies which have competed nationally in tournaments.
The Aerican Empire is a micronation, a nation and/or state which is unrecognised by the established states of the world. Founded in 1987, the Aerican Empire has at times been one of the most influential and one of the most infamous to exist
The Aerican Empire is a loose collection of politically-interconnected colonies scattered across the world, each of which consists of a small plot of land which makes the tongue-in-cheek claim of having separated
The Aerican Empire was founded on 8 May, 1987 by a group of five-year old friends, led by Eric Lis, the current emperor. Records no longer exist to indicate what the purpose of creating the Empire was. The
The Aerican Empire has nearly 100 active citizenry but many have had their citizenship revoked due to inactivity so there has been maybe over a thousand citizens altogether. While most micronations are unrealistic or never last Aerica has existed since the 1980's and it
As the Aerican Empire is a micronation and not a real country, I have replaced the country infobox with the micronation infobox. This is consistent with the usage established by consensus at the article for practically every other micronation with an article on Wikipedia.
The Aerican Empire is a micronation that was founded by Eric Lis in 1989 when he was five. It now includes more than a hundred people anda huge chunk of the universe. To find out more, visit
the Aerican Empire has decided that the New Worcester Kingdom is on the right side. 8. Both nations probably agree on complete military alliance.
The Aerican Empire is a micronation, meaning it has all the characteristics of a real nation—flags, laws, leaders, symbols and delineated territory—but exists as a fictional entity. Eric says the ultimate goal of most micronations is “to have one of the big
Emperor Eric considers that the Aerican Empire is the gateway to a Utopian society, at least his vision of one. It represents a paradise where conflicts are resolved through role-playing games, such as Dungeons & Dragons. Weapons of mass destruction are replaced with
Today, the Aerican Empire turns 21. I'd like to take this moment to thank each and every one of you for being a part of it. The Empire is one of my great joys... ericlis@... ericlis
member of the Aerican Empire, which was founded in 1987, making it a relatively new empire in the history of the universe. I have to say universe and not the world because parts of this empire are located on Mars and Pluto
The Aerican Empire is fake micronation founded on the principal that macaroni is the only way to salvation. (With faith in the almighty toenail is the one way to salivation.)The empire has claimed several
if the Aerican Empire has decided that the New Worcester Kingdom is on the right side. 7. Both nations will help one another in most ways possible and if
Aerican Empire, Senate of said Empire, in accordance with all statutes and laws set by the Aerican people and the nation of Homeland.
I am also fond of the Aerican Empire which has an official religion centered on Forsteri, the Great Penguin. Aericans believe in "the coming of Not-Quite-The-Apocalypse, heralded by the four 'Incompetent Riders,' comprising a penguin, a platypus, a giant walnut and a fourth
The Aerican empire was formed by a 12 year old who declared his bedroom independent and gave it the name Aerica. Later when launched on the internet the Aerican Empire claimed large portions of mars and half of pluto as thier territory
The Aerican Empire is a micronation consisting of territories across the universe, including $20 worth of land on Mars, a small section in a New Zealand public park, and an imaginary planet called Verden.